Banned From Commenting

Just want people to know, if you ban me from commenting on your stories, it doesn't make my comments any less truthful.

People who suppress their emotions unnecessarily and teach their kids to suppress their emotions without any outlet are dysfunctional.

The point is not to suppress emotions but to have healthy outlets and to teach our kids the same.

Definitely I'm not stating that I have all or any answers. But I do know enough about this fact.
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Sometimes, some truths are too painful to hear (read). It is sometimes easier to shoot the messenger than to acknowledge the elephant in the room.....imo. If someone says something that comes from left field, or I think is crazy, I shrug and move on. If what someone says provokes a visceral reaction in me, I need to take a long hard look at why.....

I've been blocked too, and by someone whom I considered an e-friend, no less.

Thanks everyone for all your support, and I'm obviously among the best of the best in being blocked, LOL.<br />
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If it was just some crazy blocking me I wouldn't mind, but it's someone I actually quite liked. In any case, I agree it's time to put it behind and move on!

If you are being blocked i am surprised that no one has blocked me yet. It really defeats the purpose of coming on here if you block people.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck

Hey Zsu~<br />
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Pay it no mind. I have no clue if I've been blocked or by whom. Truly, it's their loss. The truth hits hard to home and they just can't handle it. Some like to dish it out but can't take it themselves. This ILIASM ***** the mind...and not everyone was blessed with a flexible, agile one to begin with. I try to remember when I'm reading obvious bullshit that once upon a time, I was crazy too. And some people are just bitter, mean, nasty people and it's better for you to stay away anyway. So, whomever your "blocker" is, count your blessings and walk away. <br />
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Princess BlessedToBeSaneAgain

The first time I got blocked was several years ago under another profile..and because i was so ****** felt like rejection and I got all butt hurt.<br />
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Now? Well...let's just say I don't even know my blocked status...don't even look. I seriously couldn't care less...opinions on the internet only have as much value as you give them...

I'm always surprised when people block me...if I haven't annoyed them personally. I mean, one can only annoy so much in any given day...

None of us have the answer.

I feel that When a person makes a comment on here and others may offend your comment, well maybe you should not put it out there! Your not going to always here what you want and that is just exactly what I think a lot of us need. If someone is that offended with a response then they need to reconsider what is going on with this site. I respect the different view, and thanks to those that occasionally post something I don't agree with!

preach on...sister!<br />
joyinthejourney, clg

I've been blocked. You can lead a horse to water...

Yeah, I've blocked quite a few people, mostly because I don't want them reading my profile and then trying to use it in some sort of irrelevant and petulant manner to get back at me. I could put up with it but I don't really see why I should indulge them. Unfortunately, it also means that they can't comment about my comments which is not what I really want to achieve. If I can be bothered I can readily dish out more than they are ever capable of doing. I guess I will just have to live with the crude limitations imposed by EP and it's awful, rudimentary, user interface. I have thought about having two or more EP accounts to represent different aspects of me but that is not truly representative of me (or as close as it is ever going to get). Besides I just can't be bothered with all that extra faff. All I do is that I don't type out a long response and then find I have been blocked. Tee-hee!<br />
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PS. Like the curls! Although Google image search thinks it looks like, amongst other things, a couple of dead fish, which is just outrageous!<br />
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:-)<br />
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PPS Have you ever noticed the number of women over 40, and definitely over 50, who style their hair into a deep fringe to hide their foreheads? What are behaviourists supposed to make of that?

I've thought about getting bangs cut because my forehead region, when I raise my eyebrows, rather resembles that of a Boxer or Shar-pei... But that would make the rest of my face look truncated... :( Getting old is a drag at times...

I've sort of assumed that was probably what it was all about and I can sort of sympathize given the pressure women particularly are under to look like something they are not. It's effecting men too now.

The only trouble is that it does tend to make you look like you are wearing a 'pelmet-helmet' which is a bit odd, a bit like a wig or a toupee. Each to their own I guess. Do you think it actually works? Is it the sort of fashion advice given, as the French say, to women "d'un certain age"? I could very easily say just learn to grow old gracefully but actually I intend to grow old as disgracefully as possible. Shaven-headed, pink shirts, body piercings, but no tattoos because I just don't like the idea of the indelibility of them if I decide I don't like them afterall, although I am slowly coming around to the idea of just getting a small doodle on my arse for the hell of it. Something cheeky and irreverent I think. Only trouble is that I would then feel compelled to show it off all the time.

Yeah, just do what you want to do. That's what this is supposed to be all about afterall, being true to yourself. To hell with pleasing others. Short hair-styles on older women can be incredibly sexy; it spells out confidence and non-conformance. All you need is a sexy confident smile to go with it and I can guarantee no man will notice your frown lines, laughter lines or crows feet. A long as you don't overdo it, eg Sylvester Stallone's mum.

Last time I looked I have been blocked by a number of persons. I am well into double figures now !!<br />
"Why" this is so is a bit like speculating about refusers "whys". It makes no difference, you will remain just as blocked, whether you know "why" or whether you don't.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

Well then I am in good company. Was a first for me though ;)

I think I understand why. Being right is not as satisfying as being liked. And I think I know why I posted this: being rejected in the one place I feel most open.

How do you tell who has blocked you?

When I tried to "reply" to one of the comments in their story, there was NO "reply" button!