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here i am 28 mother of one and another on the way ,married for just under a year to a man who couldn't give a dam about me don't think he has the ability to care i really don't think i can do this anymore its so hard i cant stop crying ,i worry all the time ,i can not live with this man no more but he wont leave he just refuses i would be better on my own he doesn't work , i pay the majority of the bills i can financially survive with out him ,my heart is fed up of him it hurts so much never taught i could get so heart broken this way really torn up running this pregnancy for everyone i really worried about the stress i'm bring on this unborn baby i really enjoyed being pregs the last time it was so easier we actually loved each other or something well to be honest i think our whole relationship was a bit rushed but that is another story for another day
the last time we had sex i cried when he was actually on top of me ,it is just horrible i can not comment or advise him to maybe do some thing the way i like it if i do say anything he basically freaks out saying stop trying to be so controlling which im not im just saying ok i would enjoy this better if u move your hand down a little bit instead of ripping the **** off me god then he d complain that sex is always the same and i'm so boring in bed o well the little ****** on the internet **** site do a better a job than any given woman ,he does all the handy work to himself for them anyway well according to his laptop history hee has the intimate encounters with those sites most nights which is a tad disturbing especially when i also found in the history a few searches in google for "teen ***** " now shud i be more disturbed and worried about this is he some kind sick of pervert i dont know what to make of that just seen it in there a few times it is a horrible relationship for me i just feel so trapped and allone all the time
,i swear i have gone to bed since on my own every night since iv met this man
he might decide to come to be a bout 3 or when it suits ,never thinks maybe she'd like to go to bed together and maybe have sex at a descent hour nah never happen anyway if he does try to come on to me its more or less in the kitchen he trys to drop his hand which i hate and find very awkward especially with our little toddler is toddling around the place ,we live near all his family n friends i have no one to turn too about this the one friend id have has told me to leave him countless times i feel she has enough on her plate besides listening to me about my marriage that i dont want to be in ,my story is scatty but hope someone may relate to this way
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find yourself a real man. Kick this piece of garbage outta your life.

Run! Get a small bag of stuff for the kid and ypu and run. It will get way worse! Good luck

you deserve to be happy, as does evry woman, i have no time for men like that, i a a man myself, if my wife, felt the sam way you do i would just leav, whats his problem.

It is noted that you dont need him financially but unfortunately you are the one likely to get screwed over in paying for this bums upkeep if you leave him.<br />
<br />
You need to see a Lawyer and find out your rights regarding the Jurastiction you live in. <br />
<br />
Personally if it were me i'd take the financial hit and leave. If you have described it correctly he is a toxic bum and you would be better off without him.<br />
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STay Strong & Good Luck

hi, i would pack bags and leave. frankly sounds like a narcosisstic man and obviously he has been out with other ppl and will bring you some nasty disease. be really carefull but take your money, set up seperate acct, get a lawyer to advise of seperating you two legally and call it a day with him. if you need a protective order go to the police and they will help you you can say man or spouse has the right to rape you when you say no.... if you want to message me i will chat with you, thanks jim....please be careful and get away..

Back in May of 2011, you posted in the group "I Hate My Boyfriend." You already had one child with him, and you knew you didn't like him, he was a lazy *******, but you still married him. And now you're pregnant with child #2. Do you really need someone to say it?

ya that is so true and thanks for pointing out the obvious ,this did change for a very short space of time even got counselling for a while before we got married things seem to work well for about six months,i feel a bit trapped i dont want my family to worry and i hate distrupting my childs life with he father the house i am living in is affordable for me i really want him to just leave it would be so easier than trying to settle in to a new house with a new baby a single mom of 2 so it would be best for everyone if he just left but he wont ,

She might not need him finacially but she might be forced to support him financially if she leaves. You need to see a Divorce Lawyer.