Here For Your Entertainement

I would love to spend some time chatting with some of the neglected wives in the group. Come say hello, tell me your story, watch me stroke myself for you or whatever else you desire.
Steve7310 Steve7310
6 Responses Aug 20, 2012

Oh look, it's this month's version of "mommy's little helper"...<br />
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You could try the slightly more subtle, yet less honest, approach of feigning concern and compassion while asking deeply personal questions regarding our sexuality...<br />
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Nah, I prefer the honesty... <br />
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Best of luck...

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Steve. Just curious. Did you REALLY expect to receive a positive response? I sure wouldn't. Although if you do you won't be saying much about it, will you? You see as odd as I find you and your behaviour I just KNOW that all you need is someone who is as odd to respond positively and;<br />
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Bingo! You have a result.<br />
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A famous TV series pronounces: "Space, the final frontier". No, it's: "The human mind, the final frontier".<br />
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PS. Are you generally an optimist?

I'm always up for some dark comedy.

You spelt "entertainment" wrong. Sticky slippery keyboards will do that. So will being an idiot.

Seems I suffer with a bit of both


Damn! And I thought that I have social issues.