My Wife Is Getting Nipple Rings

I was talking to her, one thing lead to another... no she's getting nipple rings. Should be fun.
modernfortinbras modernfortinbras
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2012

now that sounds fun... maybe I will try something like that!

Ooh! That's gonna hurt like a *****; it's THE most painful body piercing you can have, bar none. Mind you, it IS only about 2, 3 or maybe even 4 seconds of pain per ***. It's not just the pain but the weird sensation of something quite solid being pushed through quite dense tissue, over quite a distance.<br />
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And it can take an awful, awful long time to heal fully and infection is problematic although not usually serious. It can sometimes take a year or more for them to heal, so I'm suggesting that you probably won't be playing with them any time soon. Do you suppose that she realises that?<br />
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Women supposedly find it more of turn-on than men do, but then I can't vouch for that. I'm a bit surprised she's prepared to go through it, or am I?

Are you going to claim for those in the Divorce?