It's Lonelier Than Being Alone

He looks at me, but doesn't see.
His body is warm, but his touch is not.
His kisses say hello and goodbye,
I'm home and goodnight.
I feel alone.
His message says he misses me.
He can't wait to come home.
His words say "I love you,"
but it doesn't seem to show.
I wait alone.
He says he's listening,
but I know he cannot hear.
He's right there,
but he's never near.
I cry alone.
From him I get no comfort,
no peace, no warmth.
He sees me undressing,
but turns his head away.
He knows that I'm hurting,
but he doesn't know my pain.
I sleep alone.
My body yearns for touch.
It's been a long long time,
since I felt the love of another
or a caress that wasn't mine.
I am already alone.

Liziloo31 Liziloo31
31-35, F
17 Responses Aug 29, 2012

You are so right. It is lonelier than being alone. Living in a SM with my H makes me feel dead inside. Sometimes I just watch the clock when I am home alone after work, willing the day to be over sooner.

Very true.

which came first the chicken or the egg...i ask myself this all of the time...was it me...or her...she says that if i were more affectionate or understanding...that it would be more often... i counter with...i am...but when i have a reason why the timing is bad...the amount of excuses is unlimited....i know that when we do it...she enjoys it...true ******* are hard to hide...sometimes i think that the more i do...the less i get...i really dont know who is to blame...she wants/ expects me to be perfect...and i cant be...afterall i am a are simple people...a full belly and good sex and we are happy...why is that so hard are like dogs can beat us...feed us and rub our bellies and we are good...i dont underrstand how a woman can be 2 tired to spend the 20 minutes it takes for sex...but will get on the computer and play games...or get on the phone and talk for hours...there was never an excuse before the ring...

I counter with how can a man always be too tired to spend the 20 minutes and yet have time and energy to play his video games for hours on end...

the answer applys regardess of the sex of the person withthe problem...we always want to blame the other party...does my behavior dictate my wife's sex drive...or does her sex drive dictate my behavior....i am not blaming either party...merely pointing out that he /she may not be the problem...there is a difference in the way my wife reacts if i walk in kiss her...tell her how nice she looks...and make it personal for her...than if i walk in and say " hey baby...i would like to lick your fern" are the same way...stimulate the brain...both need to be creative and considerate...share your thoughts...

You're right, it is much lonelier than being alone

Thank you all for your kind words!

Well said....

You have managed to capture the very essence of the emotions many of us feel, with simplicity, yet with complete thoroughness. I relate to every line.

Ur poem describes how I have been feeling the last 2 yrs:-( the worst has been the last 6 mts it has only gotten harder for me to deal with emotionally since I found out I was pregnate with our 3rd child & still No change if anything only gotten worst:-( well hope u find happiness soon

it's true, it's lonelier than being alone. sometimes it drives me crazy n feels like wanting to end my life just so that i won't have to feel the loneliness anymore

Hit the nail on the head.

Needs to be put to music! Number one hit most likely !

it feels like you ve told my life storey x

I am sorry that you are in this situation too. It is so hard.

Someone out there is just waiting for you to find the strength to choose to walk away from that situation. To choose to believe in yourself and love yourself. You desrve to be loved the way that you wish to be loved and it will be there for you as soon as you open the door. It might be your husband if he can rise up occasion or it might be someone else - someone who is dreaming of holding and loving a woman just like you.

Very kind words. Thank you.

You are in a tough situation and there is`nt alot you can do.

True dat.

Heartbreaking :( So true..for me too.

I am sorry that you are dealing with this as well. Best of luck to you.

Ur words describe my life!!<br />
I am trying to get out of my marriage, is really hard!! <br />
Havent filed for divorce yet, but are separated.<br />
<br />
Ur poem gives me a lot of strength, it sums up my life!!<br />
Thanks!! <br />
I am sure u will find ur share of happiness soon!!<br />
All the best to u!!

Thank you. All the best to you too!

Liziloo,<br />
you have summed up so eloquently,<br />
the past 10years+<br />
of the devastation<br />
that nearly took my life...<br />
be well...<br />
you still have your youth and<br />
many open doors ahead...<br />
joyinthejourney, clg

So do you....

Thank you for the kind words. I'm so sorry that you had to live in such a terrible situation. All the best.