Something Is In The Air.

I just wanted to make a quick note that things have been going awesome.

It feels like before we had kids, he touches me for no reason, kisses me every time he walks by, we smile and joke and talk till 4am.

Wow, I have missed this so much, I am so glad, I can finally breath.

I pray its for good.

Thank you
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Good luck, I hope it lasts.

me too thanks.

Is it also that both of you didn't throw in the towel but wanted to make your marriage work ?

Yes for sure, we don't want to break up our family, and will try everything.
Things are still going good.
Thank you

Great News !
How did things change for You ? PRAYER ?

What switch did you turn on in your relationship that wasn't on before ?
How long has this NEW change lasted for YOU ?
Thank You for Sharing Your Great News !
Hope it Continues for You !

Great , congratulation!! Hope it stays that ways, forever!!

Children really do change everything. <br />
<br />
Even the marital dynamic suddenly becomes all about them. Combine that with exhaustion and new roles to sort out... especially when the babies are small, it can become all about them and the marriage takes a back seat. Sometimes the marriage is expected to be able to handle everything that comes at it... almost like because we are adults, our needs are last. But that doesn't really work long term, I think. We can be adults and still have needs. Sometimes I think we put too many of our needs last behind kids. Obviously all their most basic needs must be met, but after that they can really demand all our attention, while we must focus on balancing the relationship that brought the kids into the world and their needs at the same time. It get confusing. I know from experience. I'll talk more privately about that with you sometime. But I respect you trying to rebalance and make things like it was before you had kids, for both of your sakes. Sounds like he's on board now too.

Well he has to be, neither want to leave, but neither want to continue like this either.
Even he doesn't like our life and what we've become, so yes, he's very on board.

Hope it works out...everything does the way it's supposed to in the end, I guess. Fingers crossed, but please protect your heart, sweetpea.

I know, but if I do then I'm not giving it my all.

Good luck I hope this US a new beginning for you Xxx

Wow!!! And it seems like it was just last week you were posting you were packing your bags.<br />
<br />
What changed?


Best of luck, enjoy it!

Wow, this is really encouraging! Big change always start with little steps and I hope this marks the beginning of the change you've been wanting so badly. You sound so positive and upbeat in your story - I am very happy for you !

Thanks G.
I am happy too, and so is he, we are really enjoying each others company, and it's great. My daughter yesterday sat between us and said "I love you mommy, I love you daddy", and we looked at each other and he said "you see how much she treasures us? together..." and he reached over and held my hand.

That is so touching. Kids see everything and know more than we give them credit for. She's onto you :) What was the secret sauce that triggered the new him? I'm sure many people want to know ! Keep us posted, I wish you all the best !

Yeah, bottle that secret sauce. You'll make a zillion dollars!

I will post another story as soon as I'm able to put all this in words, I have been making little sense lately, so I am waiting.

Spend your time rekindling that spark ! Looking forward to reading your next story.

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Glad to hear things are going well for you!

Thank you

*crosses fingers*

Yes, positive thoughts X )

That would be wonderful if it continues. I pray it does.

Can't say we didn't try right.
Thank you