Only 26 Years Old and Living In a Sexless Marriage!!

I am a 26 year old mother of two and my husband and I haven't been intimate since November of 2005!!!  I am 5'7'' physically fit and 123 pounds, so it is not that I don't take care of myself.  My husband never had a tremendous sex drive but this is ridiculous.  When I confront him on it, he just makes excuses.  He is very affectionate with me but I need physical imtimacy.  The thing that hurts the most is that when he gets a second alone, he turns to "Skinemax" or the internet to **********.  He vehemently denies it but I know how to search the computer!  I know that he is not cheating because we are always together.  I just don't know what to do I am upset and frustrated and I feel like he discounts the seriousness of the issue and how it affects me.
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What are the reasons for which you stay with him? If you can get away, I recommend it. Sex is too important in marriage to be left go. You do not want to suppress or kill a part of yourself because you married unwisely.

We should switch spouses.

My husband also enjoys ************. It's the sexual/physical intimacy he can't cope with. I feel your pain.

In my work all the guys meaning 3 others say they d**k is dry since they got married. I assume they blame the wives.<br />
In my mind imtought they were kidding but they tell me when they are alone. I also said in my mind if they only knew I have to have sex and can't go without it for two days or my wife goes insane on me. I don't mind and yes I do watch **** but I know if my wife is with me not to jack off because she will demand it almost daily.<br />
Do I recommend cheating...... No of course not <br />
Do I recommend you tell your hubby your desires yes<br />
<br />
But me and my wife swing and she knows if she ask to be shared I say yes because I am the one that let's her do it. But I also know the requirement of that. That is have sex twice afterwards.<br />
My sex marriage is a 10 compare to others at my age of +30 and I love it since I have what I call the perfect wife.<br />
She likes sex<br />
She likes cooking<br />
She likes making her own money at work<br />
She takes care of the house when I'm not there<br />
She on occasion let's me get a piece of *** on the side(remember you said your 123lb and your fine but just like a friend I had told me when I told him why he cheat on his gorgeous wife. He said "it's like having a steak everyday sooner or later you might want a hamburger") so don't think he don't like you because he loves you ok<br />
And I know she loves me<br />
<br />
I think she has a great hubby to<br />
I work<br />
I'm ugly<br />
I eat her until she wants it<br />
I let her have fun in bed with others

my wife is like that and right or wrong i resigned to having affairs to satisfy my needs. Actually at times it has helped our relationship because that part of me was satisfied and it didn't matter if she had sex with me. It is in between lovers that it goes back to being hard to get along with her.

I am also 26 years old and it's been about two years. I know (or at least hope) she isn't cheating, but I do have some suspicious e-mails. In my experience, telling them how much this hurts you is fruitless at best and a huge argument more often than not.

Take a look at the group called COSA. It's a sex addiction support group. He has the signs.

I can relate to what you say about how you feel your husband is discounting the seriousness of your feelings and how you are affected. When I get upset, feel rejected or angry because my husband now won't touch me he tells me that I am only "hurting myself". Can you believe that? I tell him back that no, it is you who are hurting me. Just what is this BS about transferring the blame? You need to put some work into this problem but make a deadline so you don't waste your life with someone who cannot show you intimacy and respect. The **** thing is very bothersome and shouldn't be allowed to go on where it replaces a true sexual relationship.

Oh dear, join the club I am a 26 year old woman, 5'3", 110 pounds and fairly attractive (now I do not know anymore, but hey, men look at me) with no sex for about a year. I get sex twice or once per year, and in the first year most of the time I had to ask for it.... I can comment more because I feel so much pain now reading these stories. I just can not write....<br />
Don't get the people that do not want sex!!!! how many people are like that in these world!??<br />
<br />
hugs and the best of luck

I'm available..

************ for some men is still very embarrassing. don't 'confront' him about it, rather, try to participate if he will let you. Approach it carefully, honestly and see if that helps. If he allows you, you could get very creative with it. I know some of the people on EP can help with that......

Unfortunately, i welcome you to the club. Please read my original letter. you don't want to let this go. you need to let him know just how hurt you are by this, and what a big issue it is. For you, you are much younger than me, and I wish i had gotten a hold of this problem a lot earlier, because for me, everything in my relationship is bad right now because of the sexlessness.