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i have been with my hubby for 7 years and for the first 6 months sex was great and then it started to fade away and i suddenly became the thing he only wanted every now and then then it pretty much died in the last 4 years i could probably count the amount of times we have had sex on both hands his latest excuse is "i am to old to be needing it" (i will clarify he is 60 and i am 28) we have slept in seperate bedrooms since the day i found out i was pregnant (29 months ago) and i have finally admitted i no longer love him everything i ever felt for him is gone he is the father of my child and that is all he ever will be i need to get out and live how i should be for someone my age i need to be happy and i need ME back i don't want my daughter to always see me as an unhappy mummy......
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Love and happiness starts with yourself. Before doing anything extreme, focus on your health. Eat quality food and find ways to work exercise into your life (i.e. walk). Go slowly, and don't 'diet'.

Do you plan to stick around and play nursemaid to this old man. Life short. Get out now before your changing his nappies.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck

I am in the process of getting a place of my own I hope it happens sooner rather than later

I wish you the best of luck

Law of averages suggests it could take another 20 years for natural attrition to solve this problem for you, but by then you'll be 46 - 50 and will have pissed some really good years up against the wall.<br />
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You might need to be a bit more pro-active to maximise your happiness in these 20 years. They do go quickly, believe me.<br />
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Tread your own path.

i d like to talk to you and be your friend swetheart you dont deserve to be unhappy....you ll need me see you x x x