The Introduction

I am the eldest child born to two very passionate people who each had their own addictions . My father was abused sexually by his mother at age five. He delevoped into a fine physician with a sex addiction. My mother is from a long line of alcoholism and died at 58 in a fire she set from a cigarette on her couch while in a stuporous state. My parents were not able to give me a safe warm loving place to grow as a child . I learned that my needs do not matter. I took care of the house , my brothers, and my dad as best as I could . My modus operendi was rage .. Rage against them and the world . I lived a chaotic life without any hope .. I cursed god for putting me in this family. I was abused emotionally and physically . I watched their jealous fights to make sure neither would be dead by morning . I would call the police and have my mom arrested and tell dad to take off. Once she overdosed and my dad had to go with her to the hospital. He was angry because I told me I couldn't drive .. I was too scared. So yes it was a living hell .. The good news is I am not in jail, not a prostitute, not dead.. All outcomes which could have occurred. I just got wild did drugs and knew I had nothing of worth.. I started therapy which has continued for years .. Then I met my husband at a hospital where he was working . I knew his wife had just died and felt bad for him. I called up drunk on my 26 birthday and told he I wanted to sleep with him. He said that he would call me tomorrow and my friends carried me home to bed.
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Wow Some story , and some woman wow

That sucks! You are a real survivor.

This part (of what I figure is to be a serialised full picture) makes a very compelling case for the school that holds the "don't stay together for the kids" line.<br />
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Looking forward to the rest of the story.<br />
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Tread your own path.