I recently divorced and met whom I thought was the man of my dreams perfect in every way possible! When we first started dating we would make love 2 or 3 times a week I now live with him he Is a diabetic and has high blood pressure so takes meds for those problems and I understand taking certain meds will make it hard to perform in bed. I have talked to him about this problem ( I miss him)
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I read this and want to add I have type 2 diabetes, I am in SM because my wife has had a lot of medical problems and I've waited them out and been supportive but I realise now things are back to normal that what was normal was still few and far between, I'm in a relationship where I cannot really initiate and it leaves me feling isolated. My health I manage fine and manage by diet and excercise (I've became very fit) I can sympathise if medical and cannot be helped for sure, but it sounds awful to be rejected like this. I think even if I did have trouble performing down the line I would still continue to love satisfying her whenever I get the opening - it is something that gets me feeling so good is to feel like I can do that for her. When you have not control over the chance to enjoy this it becomes somethign that eats away at you. I think as long as you communicate as best you can, when that fails I don't know that's why I'm in here too trying to figure out and connect with others.

Sad...I think this would be my biggest fear.Ending my marriage and then into a relationship where I see the red flags.I am sorry it happened to you and I know this would sound selfish or insensitive,but I will never allow myself to be in this situation again..I could not take it.

If he will not manage his own health, then he is in dereliction of duty to himself, and, by default, any relationship he might be in.

That automatically puts any relationship he is in, into dysfunctional status, and requires the parties to renegotiate - or decide whether to continue in - said relationship.

It would appear you are faced with a choice. One you would prefer not to have to make.

You continue in the relationship as it is, or you don't continue with it at all.

Tread your own path.

Can you clarify ?

One way this reads like you live with him, another way it reads you don't.

One way it reads like you are aware that meds could be a problem in the future but aren't presently, another way it reads like the meds are a problem now.

Tread your own path.

Sorry bazzar yes I do live with him he is on a lot of meds that make it difficult for him to preform in the bed he's trying to lower his docents of meds he's taking in hopes that this helps I guess I just miss him I also talked to him pleasing me going down on me ect but he won't hurt and lonely help any advice