But Not Loveless

That's right, sexless not by choice but full of love in spite of it. Prostate cancer treatment had taken my 80 y/o libdo but my wife and I have not given up on making love, we still have lots of it but just no sex. I couldn't do it and she can't either but we stlll cuddle, hold hands and kiss like two teenagers. We didn't have sex as kids and now we don't do it as seniors. In between we did a lot of it. Sure, we miss it but it was good while it lasted. It is like a lot of things we did together like when we had an airplane and did a lot of flying. I miss that too but I'm not as proficient at that as I was so I have given that up too. Life is still good in the golden years!
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

I would bet that when you and your missus are both 100 you will still be sharing intimacy to the maximum level you are capable of.<br />
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More power to you.<br />
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Tread your own path.

Thanks, I hope to make it to 100+ I'm still Skiing in the winter and Kayaking in the summers. Got to stay active day and night!
My 85 y/o tongue still works and I can stick it our further than my penis! I now have great 38 C breasts with puffy nipples and we both love them

Congratulations on continuing to share intimacy with your partner. Where both partners are committed to being loving and intimate and finding ways to share that, it matters not "how" that is achieved. All that matters is that you DO achieve it! May you both live very happily until the end of your days.

Thank you so much to all who have commented. life is great, it sure beats the alternative!