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Its 1.50 am i cant sleep and some how i found myself on here. this is my story. Iam 31 years old ,married to the man a love with all my heart. for the past 2years of our 7years marriage has been sexless and im going mad, 2 years ago he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and that was the end of my sex life, next was Erectile Dysfunction till today we don't have sex. I still love him but I don't think i'm in love with him anymore. He does not want to talk about it and i am so unhappy and need help. I do not know what to do
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You are not going to believe the things I have done to get him look at me. Its killing me because he gave up and would not try anything anymore, I don't have any hope and I don't know how long im going to do this, life without sex is like food without water

What can you do ?????<br />
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Well in regard to the type 2 diabetes - which you reckon is the cause - you can do precisely nothing. It ain't you who has it.<br />
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The only person who can adopt the dietary and exercise disciplines involved in managing the condition is your spouse. Presumably, ba<x>sed on your story, he ain't doing that, so he is in dereliction of his responsibilities to himself, and by default, his obligations to the relationship.<br />
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From that perspective, the ground rules have changed beneath the relationship and it needs to be re-defined ba<x>sed on the facts as they now are, not what they once were.<br />
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Your choices appears to be to re-negotiate the relationship within the facts as they now are, if you choose to continue in it. Or to not continue with it.<br />
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It is a most invidious position you find yourself in. But unfortunately, that won't get you a pass on the obligation of choice. No-one gets a pass on choice.<br />
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Tread your own path.

Mandown sometimes I feel like im dying a slow death too and every night I ask God why me .

I know the feeling all too well, when I met my wife it was like no other women existed in this world and she satisfied every desire a man could have or want, Now it is zero, I cannot remember the last time I saw her naked , kissed passionately and have not had to beg for any type of sex. Having gone throught the whole chemo thing, there were times when I needed all that initmacy the most

I also will say that the physical reasons may not be valid either, since I just completed 6 months of chemotheraphy and suffered some of the side effects when it comes to sex from that, bit given the right stimulation it all works fine with a willing partner

I am awake for the same reasons, except my issue is my wife's menopause and her complete lack of anything intimate or sex related. It is by far the most difficult thing to deal with and I sometimes wonder if it is an excuse or completely valid.<br />
I need the affection,tenderness, passion mostly and feel like I am dying a slow death as a result. I couldn;t love this woman more and have considered finding someone with the same issues , if for no other reason but to fill that void and remain in this marriage.<br />
What I think is similar is that here or where you are there seems to be little or no attempt to try.