Same Old Same Old

It never gets any easier living like this... i will never get used to living without sex it's so sad.
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i'd like to share my fantasy with you. if you'd like to know what it is can you add me so i can tell you about it in private?:)

It sucks I agree

Sounds as though it's really dried up - such a shame

am here if you want to chat

I with You There , I would love chat , and share , our pain ?

agreed....I will never get used to it either

with out?????? that is not an option....

If you would like maybe I could help you, I know I can make you *** more

I get a little at my house, like it's ice cream or something

true ,, I know the feeling ! ! !

It does not get any easier it only gets more and more difficult until you feel like it would just be better to be all dead than just mostly dead.

I am 42 and have been with my wife since I was 16. She was a horn dog until She really started up her FaceBook. Now I'm second to that. She is too tired to have sex. But not to tired to stay up all night chatting with who knows. I hate how I feel. I m in a loveless sexless marriage. It's not easy to leave the love of your life

You are so right :(

you don't have to live without sex as long as I'm here.

I know exactly what you mean. Even when I bring it up it changes for maybe a day but then back to the same old routine, which just open the door to stray which I just did

it is something we need,it is hard to go without it. :(

I know exactly how you feel.

you also need sex, i mean its a need.....

why dont you go for another affair??

Got some last nite & again this am ......omg wonderful :-) Don't settle.!!

Neither will I. As a female I find this "affliction" quite strange. I am actually grateful to friends have made me feel desirable and have made my confidence skyrocket. Now I just need the sex!

it is good....that you have become desirable..

will you be my friend....

Do you want to add me ? I am great in this things ?

I wrote this a while ago. I now have an amazing man in my life...and sex ;-)

yeah I've been in those kind of relationships, in the end its better off if you just cut your ties and rebuild a life on your own then to stay in such a torturous situation, so hard to find the right person sexualy who you want to have a solid ongoing relationship with :(

wish i could help in some way ! !

Why not have an affair

Things can only get better then sweetly and give up diy.....that's what we are for..... ;-)

Im in the same boat, I agree with you!

take it to another level angel You might enjoy X

Been there, done that or is it HAVEN'T done that. Oh well no sex is just ******* awful. I hate it.

wow, sorry

Know this too well myself...

me to

There is someone to fullfill the love you lack.You will find this person,your young and have so much ahead of you.You never know that love could be right around the corner.Just remember to be yourself,there is that person who has been looking for you.Sometimes a simple smile will open the door to the rest of your life

Know how you feeling about get using with your life without had a sex. I do feel lonely without one one get closer to me to huG me or kissing etc.

If you would only cumm to me.Then both are problems would be solved!! I,m out here waiting all you have to do is let me know,when!!

I wish I could say that I had no idea what you're talking about. Alas...

We learn to be very creative....very creative..:)

nothing's better than sex,it cures every sickness,sadness,lonlyness,mood,stress.....I can't live without sex,too.

Been there,done that,i feel your pain :(

you don't have to live without sex all you gotta do is ask and you shall receive

The cravings never stop. Sad but true.

It is sad lonely hurts just about makes you sick, makes the day long and the nights longer and almost unbearable the only hope is something changes before we lose your sanity.Hang in there hope there is more joy in your life in the new year lets get out there and try to change the hands we have been given in this game of life.

you never have to be sexually frustrated,,,you have options,,,

I know exactly what you mean. It never gets easier without sex. The hurt, frustration and resentment are always there.

Don't live life this way. Be kind to yourself. Change what needs to change.

Why do they act like it`s a "chore"?

Exactly!! They didn't act like that when they were dating us. If they did we could not have married them! ( this goes for men as well as women)

sorry to read that, well it time for you, you should set some time for yourself dispite him.I know it may not be easy at first but thier are plenty of nice people out there.

So in the end - adjust and stay, "outsource" ie... Have an affair, leave or (and this is hoped for but often rejected here) effect a change in your spouse.

I do agree no matter the outcome it is hard.

I have my girlfriend but I really enjoy being on EP with my horny friends and having a good ****.

Two weekends in a row - nothing. Thank goodness my hand never says "no".

Two weekends? Try two months or more. I think I'm giving myself carpel tunnel.

If you want please PM me.

No need to continue worrying about no sex status. All you need to do is tell your partner how you feel. Tell him 3 times. Assuming he is in good health and still not willing to be intimate with you, you have every right to act to fulfill you needs. It is a human need that cannot be held indefinitely. It is your choice. Good luck.

Sometimes telling them over and over and over again still has no effect on how they act. Some people really don't get it no matter how many times you tell them.

I feel the same.... Intamacy plays a crucial part of marriage

You don't have too cutie x

the only time I have any sex is when I can get out of town like you so sad

If I didn't have a job where I could travel and exercise my naughty side, I'd go mad. I feel for you.


one should not have to live a sexless live unless that is what they chose

I have the same problem, no more sex? I just don't get it. Where are you anyway? I would love to chat with you.

Well if you lived closer you would not have to ,,,would have sex ever day with you.....

Isn't SHE lucky! :-)

What's sad is that you have to go without! :-)

I had a marriage like that when I was in my 20's. I told her if we didn't have sex more (once a month or less was the norm) then I would get it somewhere else! Then she acted sooo suprised when she caught me cheating. We divorced needless to say. I am not a player. I just couldn't live like that any more. A very important part of my life was missing. I tried to make the girl I was cheating with my lasting relationship partner but she turned out to be a drug *****. Had to leave that one behind also. Because I'm not an arrogant ***** I find myself going through long periods of no significant other. The guys that treat women as a life support system for a vagina are the ones that get the women. So there is another side to getting sex. Be cautious in your decisions as I have been alone for 6 years without any sex except solo. (Which isn't all bad)

i feel bad for only or your problem ...but the so called " helpers " that have given advice to you have only looked at their personal interest and gain....take some time and talk to your husband...find out what the problem is to him about his fantasies...share yours with him....ya'll may find a common ground...ex: maybe he is submissive...and needs you to take charge and dominate him...or maybe you are...or maybe he wants you to be a penthosue letters magazine and ya'll read it together...find the things that both of you are ok with doing...if all of this fails...then you need to think about getting out of the marriage...but dont isnt fair and it never works out well...

Where do u live ?

have you looking into outsourcing what you are lacking at home?? I am sure there are plenty of guys willing to take care of your physical needs. It can make dealing with the other stuff a little more tolerable

Im in a very happy and sexy marriage... one way we keep it going to by sharing fantasies.. we are also looking for a woman to join us in a *********. Where are you located? we are in NY

No woman should go without sex, especially a hottie like you ,babe. xxx

i can so empathize...i lived in that type of marriage where the other hated my touch and hated sex period! i would be made to feel guilty for even touching her in a non sexual way....eventually as with all chronically arguementative and going downhill marriages it fell apart. so ...aside from ************ (which is better than nothing lol) i so wanna meet a very special lady, open and so sexual sensual as i am and that would love attention and touch constantly... could we chat plz? thanks, jim

My wife Nina and I have not had sex since December... Now I think she may be having sex with someone else. That had been a fantasy of mine (not unusual), but now I think it is real. We all need some type of release, so I think about it as I **********. Sometimes when we are in bed, she says, "get a towel and some Vaseline and I will rub your balls." So she rubs and squeezes my balls while I jack off. While that is happening, so will often reach for her vibrator and use it. So we are both laying there ************ next to each other. So I just close my eyes and imagine that someone else is ******* her while she pulls on my balls, and when she starts *******, it makes me *** too.

I hear you. It's so isolating. And for myself, it has really done a number on my self worth. I hope you find a way to be happy again

You will get no argument about the fact that this is a sad situation. I doubt one soul here would disagree with you.<br />
<br />
Now the fact we all agree that these are sad situations, helps us move forward - - - - how ?<br />
<br />
Maybe a better desc<x>ription of these situations is "unsatisfactory" as that opens the door to the possibility that reasoned choice might lead you - eventually - to a "satisfactory" life.<br />
<br />
The desc<x>ription of "sad" just shuts the door and you stay in the "sad" room.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

You dont have to get used to it. You have choices available to you. All suck but one needs to be made.<br />
<br />
You could make the choice to leave rebuild your life and eventually find someone who will want to have a healthy and functional sex life with you.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck

I can relate. I do too. I wrote a story last night all about it. I am new here and I guess I posted it on the wrong group site. Is there anyway you could read it. It should be on my site somewhere. I'm so confused. Being new here.

No, it doesn't get any easier. The more time that goes on, the more grumpy and irritable I get about it. I'm tired of my wife asking me what's wrong. What the hell do you think is wrong. I'm horny and can't do anything about because you want nothing to do with it. I can't spell it out any clearer than that. It will never get easier. I totally sympathize.

and you should not get used to it,it isn't normal.I hope something good changes for you.That is sad.I feel for you and know all about it.

I wish sometimes I would get used to sexlessness, even like it, but when I stop and think, I've done nothing wrong, except beg, ask, talk, well, maybe fuss about it a little. I begged her for a while, a few years ago, for us to go to a sex therapist. We finally went. Well after about 6 months, she said she wasn't going back. This is after no improvement. She would sit in the session and speak if spoken to--maybe. The therapist was a national author reffered by several friends in the profession. Finally he and I just became friends years later, we're both in health profession, and I ask him what I should do about the problem, he sat there a minute and said, "some people are a brick wall, they will have their way no matter the consequences". He went on to say that most of these are not pushy types, they are the passive aggressives, who just won't BE pushed, their way is their way and that's it.<br />
Now, did that wake me up and make me leave? No. I'm just stupid I guess.<br />
<br />
Signed,<br />
Still begging and thinking it will get better, knowing it won't<br />
<br />
Vix, message me if you'd like, we'll talk

I hear you loud and clear. i am in the same boat. i will never get use to the fact that i live in a sexless marriage. i guess there are much worse things in life though. i just wrote my husband a letter last month letting him know that i don't want to have sex anymore. why should i have to beg? i'm not a dog for cripes sake. he just doesn't want sex with me~bottom line....the end... I either accept or i get out. well, i'm in this marriage till the end!!!!!!!!!!

I sooo know how you feel! Despite my high sex drive, i havent had sex in well over a year. Ive been faithful so far but im hitting my limit of patience.

i guess patience and LOTS OF PRAYERS! i don't know what else to do. i guess it's sort of comforting knowing that other woman and men are in the same boat. however, it doesn't make it any easier to live in a sexless marriage.