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Same Old Same Old

It never gets any easier living like this... i will never get used to living without sex it's so sad.
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i'd like to share my fantasy with you. if you'd like to know what it is can you add me so i can tell you about it in private?:)

It sucks I agree

it's been over a year and still not used to not having sex!!!

Sounds as though it's really dried up - such a shame

am here if you want to chat

I with You There , I would love chat , and share , our pain ?

agreed....I will never get used to it either

with out?????? that is not an option....

If you would like maybe I could help you, I know I can make you *** more

I get a little at my house, like it's ice cream or something

true ,, I know the feeling ! ! !

It does not get any easier it only gets more and more difficult until you feel like it would just be better to be all dead than just mostly dead.

I am 42 and have been with my wife since I was 16. She was a horn dog until She really started up her FaceBook. Now I'm second to that. She is too tired to have sex. But not to tired to stay up all night chatting with who knows. I hate how I feel. I m in a loveless sexless marriage. It's not easy to leave the love of your life

You are so right :(

you don't have to live without sex as long as I'm here.

I know exactly what you mean. Even when I bring it up it changes for maybe a day but then back to the same old routine, which just open the door to stray which I just did

if you found out you only had 6 weeks to live - how would you spend them? When I was much younger I never worried about how I spent my money until it was almost all gone. Unfortunately that's how most people live their lives.
I'm not suggesting it's easy but you need to fix your marriage or leave.
Create a great life by taking charge of the one you have...

it is something we need,it is hard to go without it. :(

I know exactly how you feel.

you also need sex, i mean its a need.....

why dont you go for another affair??

from what I am picking up you sound like a sexual dynamo, and hubby not wanting it? is he ok?

Got some last nite & again this am ......omg wonderful :-) Don't settle.!!

Neither will I. As a female I find this "affliction" quite strange. I am actually grateful to friends have made me feel desirable and have made my confidence skyrocket. Now I just need the sex!

it is good....that you have become desirable..

will you be my friend....

Do you want to add me ? I am great in this things ?

I wrote this a while ago. I now have an amazing man in my life...and sex ;-)

BOOOO! = /

yeah I've been in those kind of relationships, in the end its better off if you just cut your ties and rebuild a life on your own then to stay in such a torturous situation, so hard to find the right person sexualy who you want to have a solid ongoing relationship with :(

wish i could help in some way ! !

Why not have an affair

Don't live without it, go get what you need!

Things can only get better then sweetly and give up diy.....that's what we are for..... ;-)

Im in the same boat, I agree with you!