I Did It... Update (1)

Well the work week is done and it's been 5 days, and things are moving forward, though it has been a really long week. As I said previously I couldn't stay in the house as some of you can, just too awkward and I didn't think it would be good for either of us. I've got a 2 bedroom apartment lease starting next week, and thankfully it's got covered underground parking for my bike (and car, just bike I actually care about if it's outside all the time). There's been numerous discussions from her regarding if I'm sure, and she'll always take me back, etc. but thankfully I haven't really been tempted to go back. I mean it took me long enough to work up the nerve to leave in the first place, why would I go back?
But anyway the talk with the parents went pretty well, but was godawful to actually do (they've been married 45 years). They were supportive, though my dad was actually the one to ask a couple times if there wasn't a way to work things out between us, which is slightly annoying, but understandable.
Also I will say that divorce is a fantastic diet, as numerous times this week I haven't had breakfast, and not really been hungry. Today I forgot I didn't have lunch till about 5pm. Thanks for all of the comments and for those of you who have PM'd me and let me talk with you, and also share your stories. Continue sharing here if you want, or commenting as well, most of them are good for all of us, no matter what situation were in, or where on our "path" we're on. Take care.
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6 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Hi, Great story. It's not easy to let go but in most cases it's the right thing to do.. I mean why be unhappy?? Thanks for sharing ;) Take care!

You've made a decision you will never regret. Your wisdom at your young age will be a beacon to others. Now you have a chance at the life you really want, and your parents will adjust because ultimately, they love you and want your happiness. If they have disappointment it's about them, not you.

We all get to make choices as to how our relationships will be when we separate. You don't have children so the it's likely you will part ways and not see each other much if ever. But when children are in the mix, that changes everything. Good for you for taking this important step.

Good for you!

It may be a help to look up a book to read about divorce at your library. I believe it is called "Crazy Times. Surviving Divorce". An older book but with very helpful suggestions in it.

You will experience highs and lows throughout this time. To be expected but you will get through them. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest and also exercise. Your body and your mind are going through a lot.

You are going through an adjustment so give yourself time and treat yourself well. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and it is normal to withdraw into your own head for a time but still important to interact with others. Any major life change has stress but a positive life change will reconnect you with things that you enjoy. I wish you much joy and peace,D

Try and be aware that from time to time you are very likely to hit the wall. It is not to worry too much about, simply to know that it is likely, and normal.

Tread your own path.

Glad to hear you are moving forward. Sounds like you are handling things well and looking to the future. Good luck!