A Sexless Marriage...then I Started Sucking Guys ***** To Get Off

ive been married for 33yrs.18yrs ago my wife got sick and almost died 4 times.in and out of hospitals was normal for the next 5 yrs.then like a faucet being turned off no more sex.i tried for a while to just beatoff but it wasnt very much fun.then i night i was watch some **** on the computor and came across a bisexual tape as i watched it i got so horny.next day i happen to go by a adult bookstore so i stopped and was looking at tapes and books when i noticed guys going into a room so i went in and it was a vidio arcade where you can watch movies i started watch some just walking around ti i found a tranny tape so i sat down and was gettin hornier by the minute when all of a sudden this guy popped his head in and asked if i suck cok.i was so horny i said yea and he came in locked the door and dropped his pants a nice about 6.5 i started suckin him til he grabbed hy head and wispered IM CUMMIN!!i swallowed and swallowed and ive been doing this ever since.its easier to find a **** to suck than ***** to **** at my age but im content to keep doing this it makes me feel good and it makes the other guy good to.
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Whatever solution works for you is fine. But I think it is sad that you have given up on the possibility of a happy relationship (with either sex). Is your wife chronically ill? Or has she decided that there is no sex in your lives since her illness?

Innovative solution you have come up with there.

Tread your own path.