The Devil's Tool Box

Once upon a time, “The Devil” decided to organize an exhibition.

The Devil informed people that the tools from the tool box will be displayed with the price tags so that people can buy any of those tools.

On the day of exhibition, people started coming to the venue.

On one stand was the shining dagger of ‘Jealousy’.

Next to the Jealousy was the knife of ‘Anger’.

There was an arrow of ‘Hatred’ and there was ‘Greed’, ‘Want’ and ‘Desire’, all beautifully priced with different prices.

There were also the weapons of Fear, Pride and Hatred.

Each one had been carefully presented and labelled with it's name and corresponding price.

But in a section all its own, quite separate from the rest, was a small, unimpressive, stand of wood, which the Devil had labelled ‘Discouragement’.

Surprisingly, the price of this tool was higher than all the others put together.

When someone asked the reason for the difference and such a high price for the tool ‘Discouragement’, the Devil replied, ‘The reason I value this tool so highly is that it's the one tool I know I can always rely on if the others fail.’

With a smile the Devil said: ‘If I can just insert discouragement into a person’s mind, it opens up the door for every type of negativity.'

'There is nothing quite so deadly as Discouragement.’
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5 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I'll bet that "talk" was at a knock down price.

Tread your own path.

I thought Hope was being sold at a very affordable price. Everyone had to have it.

At times I think we all feel it and most of us will fall victim to it. Appreciate your reminder of just what a powerful tool it is.
I have found one of the ways that I am able to overcome it at times is to focus on helping others.

Was discouragement cleverly disguised as 'helpful advice'?


Sage words. Rated up, up, up.