Kissing my Denier feels like: _______________ .
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it used to be wonderful (then again, she wasn't refusing love, just intercourse). now, after my straying (and remaining strayed), i can't do it

the back of my hand

My H wanted me to purse my lips and basically not use tongue---too passionate. Then when I said that's the POINT of "tongue kissing" (DUH), and what I like, he punished me by swishing his tongue around and around in my mouth in one direction (clockwise to me, if I remember correctly), over and over, like a roto rooter or something, to the exclusion of all other possibilities. If I recoiled, he would just do it more. I guess that's PA for, "Fine, here's your tongue kissing! But you're NOT going to enjoy it!"


Like kissing your grandfather goodbye after visiting him in the nursing home :(

Dry. She can't stand anything slimy...

I have it wrong and expect to much of her.

I know that feeling so very well.

Nothing. She asked me to stop kissing her five or six years ago.

pecks only....feels friendly

We don't anymore... but I do see him daily... feels like lost hopes, forbidden childish dreams, things that never were and never will be... how foolish I was and still am

: Kissing a cold fish.

It's always pinched. I don't try anymore.