Need Discreet Sex

I havent had sex wiht my wife for over 5 years,Sad thing id That I havent been with anyone else either,I need a woman for sex
needsthefirstime1 needsthefirstime1
3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I am a 51 year Male.That ahs alot of guys suck mewhen I was youner.
Now I want to try too suck a ****,Hoping I will love it as much as I do getting sucked.So I can suck alot.CAN I TAKE ALL OF YOU CAMN I SWALOOW YOUR *** I want ton know

gypsy> wonder ur wife doesnt want sex with you . ( that is if u really do have a wife.. ) which are age are u 51 or 18 /18 /20 /21 ?

and ur 18/21 age grp ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

i dont belive ur story

A "woman" is a person too, with aspirations, needs, desires and feelings of her own.

If you are only trying to plug into the sex aspect of "a woman", then you are really seeking a living masturbatory aid.

Good luck with that one - unless you are talking money on the table.

Tread your own path.