UPDATE: lost it at passport office

UPDATE: the passports both arrived... a week early, absolutely NO complications! All that stress for nothing. Maybe someone working at the passport office read my tale of woe and expedited the passports LOL...if so, thanks ;)

So yesterday I had news about my old workplace that made me leave class and cry in the bathroom, feeling so very frustrated in my career life, then I had to renew my children's passports that afternoon as they had expired. Cried in the car on the way to the passport office.

i read up on the passport website that if you are separated you must bring the separation agreement with you, and your ex's passport, etc., brought all the documentation and was OK, cheery with the staff at first. I had dried my tears and can be very congenial even when sad.

Then I seemed to be getting the THIRD DEGREE because my EX still lives with me, yet we are separated! I started to get angry and humiliated. I said "he lives in the basement, i live in the upper floors with the children, it is completely legal, you have the documentation in front of you. He is sick, this is the only way he can have time with the kids".

The young arrogant a$$hat working their stated that I had to hand-write "I, Zsuzsilowinger, live upstairs and Mr.EX lives in the basement, and we are separated and not divorced" on a scrap piece of paper he handed me, and sign it, or "I cannot give you a passport".

I objected, saying there was no legal basis for what he asked me to do, no official form, he said "if you don't do that and I give you a passport, I will get my hand slapped, you have to do it". I told him there was no way we were divorced as you needed to wait 1 year between separation and divorce, and he could see the separation papers were a month old!

I said then let me talk to your supervisor. He said "there's no reason for you to do that".

I kept objecting. This guy just seemed out to humiliate me.

Finally he left to get the supervisor. He first went into a back room, where I could see people having lunch through the window. After about 10 mins, he went to a desk RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, told his supervisor in a LOUD voice what I had told him "She says they are separated but he lives in the same house...etc.".

The supervisor came over and said what was the problem. I told her I wanted to know my rights, they had all my documentation, why would I have to fill anything else out. She said they may look at my file and find it "incomplete" and not immediately issue a passport, and get back to me.

I 'lost it' - I told her "I am objecting to being told that I cannot get a passport without writing this out. You can write what I told you on the application/computer screen. I am not going to abduct the kids and run away (her eyes widened at this), my ex is sick and I WANT him to se ethem, that's why I haven't thrown him out of the house, what is it you don't believe, I am obviously separated, why is all my documentation not enough for you, why are you giving me this treatment??? My life is humiliating enough!"

She said they cannot make me sign it, that the passport may be delayed if they decide my file is not complete, but I said that was fine, the powers that be can contact me at that point and I had no trip planned, obviously as stated before, so it didn't matter how long it took. I reiterated that what I objected to was being told "if you don't write this, you can't get a passport".

Finally original agent came back and finished filling out the form on his computer. As he typed into the computer the parts I had objected to, he READ THEM OUT LOUD "APPLICANT SAYS SHE LIVES UPSTAIRS WITH KIDS WHILE HUSBAND LIVES IN baseMENT. APPLICANT BLAH BLAH BLAH"...

Finally he handed back my documents, said "thank you goodbye" and i left.

So, overreaction, or a$$hole agent? Or both?
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Petty tyrant. There are some people who insinuate themselves into positions of "power" so they can get their rocks off by treating others badly. And the Supervisor was no better. I'd write a letter of complaint to the Director of the Passport Office complaining about the behaviour of both. Reading the words out loud was a deliberate ploy to embarass and humiliate you.

Here in Australia we have an Ombudsman to whom we can take complaints about government bodies that act inappropriately - especially when trying to resolve a problem (as you did by asking for the Supervisor) fails to get a result. Do you have anything similar where you live?

And remember - Karma!
"A Friend's Prayer
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who
screws up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch."

Enna, you are a gem of a friend... LMAO at your prayer! *hugs*

I think you were dealing with an ahole for sure. His actions were totally uncalled for. Hopefully there is some therapy for you in sharing this expereince. They should have reprimanded this guy for treating you like he did

What was it that made you cry about your career life?

"So, overreaction, or a$$hole agent? Or both?"
I think - just a paperpusher and you presented a situation that was off his script or beyond his experience. I suspect there won't be a problem.

And you were right to point out the idiocy of writing a statement on a scrap of paper. WTF?

Once you get to the real passport folks I think you will find them much more professional-- I had an odd life event (two birthdays, long story) and they were nothing but reasonable and helpful throughout - "Serenity Now"

What IS it with these petty potentates? Good for you for sticking to your guns and going up the supervisory food chain.

He was just a nice guy doing his job.....BULLSHIT, HE IS AN ******* AND SHOULD BE HUNG BY HIS GONADS.

I'd go "both".

Given that your story is known to the membership, I've got a bit more empathy with you. The dudes partner might have given him his 744th refusal last night for all I know, which might explain (but not condone) his unprofessional conduct.

Mission was to get your passport, and you are well on your way to that aim. Good job.

Tread your own path.

I would have done the same. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! And petty bureaucrats and clerks are the worst.

Power trip going on there. They probably can not control anything else in life so lets go to work and control you! Not alot can be done often. Glad you were insightful enough to challenge the situation.

Maybe the agent lives in a SM.
Could be. ;)

Oh. One more thing.
Don't worry about overreacting nowadays.
Baby, we've all earned the right to overreact once in a while.

(Read my Beyond The Pale Story. I've taken to smashing(expensive) furniture!)

Do I feel bad about it? Nope.

At least I didn't smash expensive (or inexpensive) furniture in the passport office!!! ha ha.

Too bad, ;)

A$$hole agent.
A$$hole agent.