Public Service Announcement

Clear your "History" after each computer use.

If you're on a Mac look up (left) to the Toolbar.
See the word "History"?

That's your trail of tears.

Click on it.
To your horror, you will see every online site you've visited.
So will anyone else.

At the bottom of the list see "Clear History"?

Click on it and make it so.

I dunno what it looks like on a PC.
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But if you are not a terrorist, you have nothing to hide, right? Right?

Related to, but a bit off, topic.

Are you all looking forward to the day when none of this subterfuge is relevant or needed in you life ?

Tread your own path.

Yeah I am but in the meantime...

Besides, I don't see where this kind of information isn't useful to us.

I have my own password protected laptop. Nothing is really completely safe. But since he's seen this website over my shoulder - he could look it up himself. He could read what I've written. But he just doesn't care enough.

My wife has asked "Do you talk about me online?" I said "Yeah."I have it set to delete history when I leave...I'm sure she could find out anything she wanted to though, she's a programmer. I think she doesn't want to find out.

The reason I came BACK as "someone else" is that my now ex tracked me to here....I now HATE HIM for that, but that is neither here nor there. He got an education....and immediately grasped what I had been telling him! Once i was telling it to strangers....I had been telling him dirwctly for YEARS. Sad...if he had listened to my unhappiness years ado, he might not have lost me....

In firefox there is private browsing right under the little red drop down in the latest version. This however does not stop your ISP from having the history of where the IP range connecting to your router has been.....dunno how "sharing" they may be with anything but the authorities ....

ALSO - as a tech guy, I use CCleaner after leaving each browser session. It deletes cookies, history, IIS temp files, and a host of other left behinds. Starting a new session and browsing sites like tool sellers, ebay etc. that are rich with text and pictures....writes new history. Often overwriting what was there. Careful it will also remove saved passwords and other stuff you might want to keep - don't go check-mark crazy or you will regret it.

If you are really worried - Darik's Boot and Nuke will DOD write your entire drive thrice - and replace everything with zeros. This of course means you will need to re-load your OS and software desperate moments. ? ? It is nearly impossible to recover this information post a DOD spec wipe....however if you ghosted the original state of your hard drive after you had it for a week or so, and got everything loaded and working right you can return it to working in about an hour or less. I use Norton Ghost to re-image a machine back to the "standard" load for the company I work for - takes all of 30 min or less to completely replace everything. Ghosting my home machine is a really good idea I just thought ....hmmm. 'puter needs to go to work to get a VPN install honey....LOL

Not to burst all of your bubbles, but unless you're running a specific government-grade cleaner, anyone with enough computer knowledge can find which sites you go to.

i love it when people don't know their own computers and try to advise others about theirs LOL.
Now, Where is the "brew' button?

Right next to the "pour" button.

If you are using Firefox as your browser instead of lining Bill Gates' pockets. Under Tools - Options, go to Privacy. There you can activate two good options; 1 - "Tell Websites I Do Not Want To Be Tracked" and "Clear History When Firefox Closes. You also can activate a private browsing mode.

Isn't this WONDERFUL information? ;)

I have a program on both of my computers called "C Cleaner". I run it every browsing session. And I have nothing to hide-simply put, it makes the computer run faster if you clean your computer after every session.

I do that too...but hadn't thought of the cookies.I do use private browsing though and I monitor where he goes as I do sometimes feel he may be having an affair ;-)

On Safari, turning on Private Browsing is the way to go. (Menu: Safari -> Private Browsing...)

Avoid clearing your history as this will leave a recognizable hole in the browser log.

While surfing, occasionally turn off private browsing and go to some regular sites. Your history will appear as if you were doing normal things.

At the end of your session, open the history display (Menu: History -> Show All History), and then check to ensure that you didn't accidentally visit a site with the private browsing setting in the wrong position. If you see something that you don't like, you can select individual entries and then use the 'delete' key to remove them.

Remember to turn off Private Browsing at the end of your session. You don't want a tell tale indicator with the work PRIVATE in your address window.

A lot of browsers have "private browsing". Enable this and computer remembers nothing..

How do you enable it?

Internet Explorer has it under "safety". Firefox has it in the "Firefox" dropdown top left corner.

I do that. But better yet, I have my own computer which I lock.

upper right, Tools, Internet Options, Clear history