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Married to a man 18 years older. Started good. We dated and from time to time went out. Last 2years he come up with excuses about sex. He says he wasn't raised with emotions. We went a year 4mths no sex. I tried touching and etc. He would just get jumping. I discussed ig he needed help with sexual feeling I would go to Dr. With him. He said he was fine and he was still sexual attracted to me. And he would try harder to show me emotions. It's going on 3,years sex maybe 3 times in this time. Other than this he is a good hard working man.respects me. And I am pretty sure he is not cheating. We are good friends. But when is it time to make a decision. I no sex doesn't make 100%,of marriage but it is a big deal. He want do counseling. Don't no what to do
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

"But when is it time to make a decision" ? you ask.

That time would be after you have constructed an alternative to the life you are presently living. You'd start that by seeing a lawyer in your jurisdiction and putting together a theoretical exit strategy based on the facts.

With said exit theoretical strategy in your pocket you would have 2 choices. Stay or go.

When you have the exit strategy in do-able shape, there is your alternative choice to the present situation, and THAT is the time when you can make the decision.

Tread your own path.