Newlywed In A Unhappy Marriage.

Keeping each other sexually entertained and satisfied is key in a marriage. What you did when you were dating is what you need to do to keep the bond strong. I am in a sexless marriage and I have only been married 2 years. We only have sex when he wants it. I have found pictures of other women. He is not attracted to me anymore and I know this. All these pics are of women with huge butts, an asset I do not possess. I have decided that I will not put myself in competition with these loose women. I am going to do me, and make myself happy without his permission. I have given this man all that I have, and he has taken all. I have nothing left for me, but don't worry, I am regaining strength. Once my confidence is back, he will want me again, hopefully for him I still want him.
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Undoubtedly you have tried the scented candles approach to re-firing his interest in you, and it has flown like a wrought iron hang glider presumably.

That tells you something, namely that you are not in a marriage that is a bit jaded and can recover with the lingerie and date night strategies. It tells you that the marriage is terminally dysfunctional.

You now appear to be going to trial "outlasting him". I'd run the clock on that one. Otherwise you'll find it very easy to blow a decade away, and still be faced with the same problem as exists right here and right now.

Read in here. Read lots. Doing so will give you a real good handle on what you are dealing with here. And some clues in regard to the few (all painful) options open to you.

Tread your own path.

Get a divorce now!!!!

For goodness' sake, DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR UNLOVING HUSBAND TO REGAIN DESIRE FOR YOU!!!! That will never happen.

Please, please, please read the stories of women here in this group.

Ladies of ILIASM,
Do your duty and contact this poor woman. Tell her what her future will bring.

Fine, if he don't want me then he don't want me. Someone else will.