Preconceived Negativity Toward Oral Sex

I'd love to have great oral sex with a woman.... it just makes the whole experience so much more intense, sensual, sexual...

But, I think some woman (I know of one in particular) are averse to blow jobs... its like a sensitivity thing ... I think some women would say its just "gross" (ok, opinion on my part, but im pretty sure im right in a lot of cases).

So I wonder how these women would feel (or think differently) if ya told them they were getting a meal like this:

"one *********** contains the same amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids as eight ounces of steak, ten eggs, six oranges and two lemons"

BTW.. Im not just one way on this.... I bury myself in the flavor, scent, wetness, texture and juices of that flower deep between a womans thighs..... ;-)

BTW (again) .. six small meals a day is better than not eating, or eating just one big meal a day... :-)
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

I don't like melon. I don't care how good people tell me it is or how good it is for you, I ain't eating it! I know there's nothing wrong with melon and will even serve it to others. But I ain't eating it.

Here's the thing, not only do some women not like giving blow jobs, but they think there's something wrong with it, too. No logic will sort that. My husband has never even tried giving oral sex. Nothing I could tell him would make him get over his revulsion.

Personally I love giving and receiving.

Don't reckon you'd get a result out of that chemical reason to give you a head job.

Now, if you said "a head job reduces cellulite" (quote some bullshit source that sounds half credible, like "Research Proves - - - ") then you might be on a winner.

Tread your own path.

Well, if ya do some anaerobic strength training, cut carbs way down, good essential fatty acids and increase protein intake (hmmm)..... ya... its possible ;-)