Truth Has Set Me Free

Hi All

I have a bit of news to share... I am on the road to divorce.
Finally the truth has come out the the love of my life has been having an affair with her boss for nearly a year a refuser she is not but only a refuser to me....

All the signs were there...but i just ignored it until i started to dig...and found out the truth.

She still maintains that she has done nothing wrong and that it was my fault that she is with this guy.

So i am starting divorce proceedings....
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good luck. Take care. Been there done that.

Infidelity tears away a piece of your heart. It is a betrayal of the special bond that brought you together. When you discover you are not that special man anymore, the grieving process steps in. I hope you are able to forgive her and/or yourself for the reasons that brought you to this point. There is life after divorce, however, nothing in life is guaranteed. We are an imperfect species and the only thing you can do is move on to your next adventure in life with the next woman who comes into it and work to make yourself and that new relationship the very best it can be. Best of luck to you.

I remember your story of May 21st where you were complaining about catching her having a harmless facebook flirt.

At the time i remember telling you that there is no such thing as harmless flirting and that a lot of infedelities begin on these sites with flirts. I also remember suggesting that you visit a Divorce Lawyer round up the bill for her actions than present it to her.

I'm truly sorry that you had to find this out but at least now you know the truth and you can begin planning your new life.

I suggest that you visit your lawyer as planned find out your rights and show no mercy when claiming them. After all she afforded you none through these years and still blames you for her infedelities. We all have to make choices and no one gets a pass on the choices we make not me, not you, not her.

Stay Strong brother as it is highly likely she will put on the sob story and turn on the water works and the sex tap once she realises that her perfect little world is about to be destroyed.

Just remember you have done nothing wrong she has bought this upon herself.

In the context of your other stories, this outcome has been on the cards for a while.

Although this is not a happy result, it's a great result, as it reflects the truth. That's a very good thing.

Tread your own path.

Not happy about the divorce, but you have every right since your spouse hasn't been or probably won't be honest. May your best life be ahead!

I am sorry you are going through the divorce process. However, at least you have a clear cut answer as to what the problem was. Hopefully that will give you some closure and allow you to move on. I wish you the best.