Over 10 Years Without Is A Long Time

I have been married for over 14 years. in 2003 I made a statement to my wife that my interest in sex was off because of my meds...maybe. She turned herselof off for me (HUH?) and as of the day of this writing, asked me to give up sex for her. It has been 9 years without anything. I crave sucking on her breasts and she will have none of it...I can't get her aroused nor she me. I love her but the thrill is long gone.

If anyone wants to know more I will fill them in on more details...It would seem that our 15th anniversary cannot come soon enough as that is the date we chose to **** or get off the pot.
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

After 3 months they should of been out the door.

Stay Strong & Goodluck

Yes 9 years is a long time, have you sat down and talked to each other. Opened up about what each of you want or need, or are you just waiting to see what happens on your 15th Anniversary and then let the chips fall where they may?