A Little Progress

I have a bit of an update.  My H has informed me that he closed on the house that he was in contract to purchase.  The closing was a week ago.   I saw moving trucks there today, so I would've figured it out.  I don't know why the closing was a secret.  

The house is one block away.  So he will still be able to monitor me. ( aka: spy)  Originally, I was very upset about the close proximity to me.  I am still unhappy about it.  But, I have come to the conclusion that HIS decision to live so close to me, will be hardest on HIM.  Since he is nearby, he may see my " friend" visiting me when he has the kids.  I plan on "living" my life during my child free time.  I may stay out at night & have the occasional overnight guest.  ( all done while the children are away).  I will miss my kids, but I have a great distraction to keep me busy.  Unfortunately,  I  don't think my H will be happy when he finds out about my " friend".  ( I am not going to flaunt it, but he may see him)   And it's his own fault if he does!  He shouldn't have moved so close by.

Of course, he hasn't mentioned " WHEN" he will be moving!  I am hoping that it is soon.  I know he will stall for as long as he can.  I am sure he will need to paint, get furniture, & any other excuse he can come up with.

Today I ordered a new bedding set, in the hopes that I will be sleeping in a bed again soon.  I would like to get a new bed, but I'm not sure what my financial situation will be, so new sheets & blankets will have to do.  After all, the bed is still a " virgin" !! Lol
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This is good.

The 'spying' issue is simply one of those things. If he is going to waste his time doing it, then that's what he's going to do.

It's hardly likely that you will be hosting crack parties and suchlike, so all he is ever likely to observe is an adult woman conducting her life responsibly. I'd suspect thst the spying might lose its' appeal as a worthwhile pursuit fairly quickly, once he finds that there are no drug parties going on and thus no justification for calling the plods or the family court. Though he might not be beyond "inventing" things he has "seen". He has demonstrated cementhead tendencies before.

The finishing line is in clear sight sister ANLFM. God knows you are going to deserve a bit of a rest once that line is crossed.

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