Has Anyone Seen That Ad?

That ad on TV - I think it's for some kind of TV channel service - where the wife comes out of the shower and is dismayed to see some sign from the old TV channel service the couple uses and she stands there, wrapped in a towel and complains about it to her husband who is at the sink brushing his teeth.

She makes the remark, "It feels like someone's watching me walk around naked."

Her husband, standing at the sink brushing his teeth, finishes and turns to walk away rather nonplussed over her concerns and says to her, kinda' off his shoulder as he does walk away, "At least someone gets to."

She stands there, unblinking.

I find that ad so apt to our situations; I also find it rather shocking that the mainstream seems to be picking up on our situations.

Your thoughts?
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I saw another one last night.
This is getting interesting.

2 kids walk up to a mom.
All this happens outside.
She's doing something (reading, I think) by herself.
They droningly tell her their dad said to ask HER for something.
They also droningly tell her the dad said "marriage is hard" and she interrupts and says (something like) "yeah, yeah," like she doesn't want to hear it.
They also tell her the dad wants more chips.

Camera pans to dad in a hammock on other side of yard waving empty bowl.
the couple is disconnected.
The father has accepted his fate and is moving into the sarcasm/disconnect stage.
The mother is fine in her solitude; doesn't want to be bothered or reminded of the "problem" in any way.
Just a typical Saturday afternoon.

Mostly we watch TV in different rooms - me upstairs in my bedroom and him downstairs in the family room.

Our tastes in subject matter vary greatly and on the occasions when I am in the family room and something sexually charged comes on I am mostly - no, I am greatly - uncomfortable.

I am embarrassed.

I usually look away.
Glancing at him I see he seems not to have much, if any problem watching.

If I remember correctly he wasn't in the room when this came on and I doubt seriously that he'd catch the meaning in the message but I also wonder - seriously - if he would.

Up is down and down is up in this world we live in.

I'm glad to hear you are moving forward. That seems impossible to me any more. I'm pretty much screamed out.

There are over 30,000 members here - the number that actually live in this condition is likely Much -much greater than that....and one of them must work at that ad agency.

That a commercial like that could make the air means it got past focus groups, marketing people, possibly a psychologist, and a host of people that are trained to know what people will relate to. And the fact that it made it, is a sad commentary on the prevalence of this condition.

In a conversation with my "friend" (lady, I love dearly - cannot currently commit to -cannot ask to wait on something that may take a long while to develop, platonic - deep friendship) we discussed the fact that so many 1st marriages end long before anyone that attended the wedding thought they might. We pondered on the future, and I said I still believe there are those that find the "forever" love......to my amazement she replied that is exactly what she wants. I told her I want that too....but added that armed with the mirror of knowing of that which both we, and the spouse, contributed... to not allow that to happen ...that we had the opportunity to perhaps do it right on the next one. She agreed.....then turned away again and repeated ... forever. She is on the other side of a divorce...that she still looks and believes it is possible is a great thing. This commercial kind of makes an argument for the "Love only lasts until the chemical wears off" crowd. I really hope that bit is incorrect.....and I am guessing explains the turn away and repeat.

"That a commercial like that could make the air means it got past focus groups, marketing people, possibly a psychologist, and a host of people that are trained to know what people will relate to. And the fact that it made it, is a sad commentary on the prevalence of this condition."

I hadn't thought of that but of course you're right!
MAYBE we will see one w/ the roles reversed SOON.
Member, are you paying attention?

Have seen it and love. I am waiting for the moment that the wife is with me when it airs so I can say to the TV, amen brother.

I've seen it, and I think it's hilarious. When my husband and I were watching tv the other night, it came on. He hadn't seen it. I said, "This commercial is so funny." He laughed, and then he said, "I know what that's like. I like seeing my wife naked."

Uhh, he's the one that didn't want to ****. I sure as hell am not going to try to be sexy around or try to seduce someone who doesn't want me. Good grief.

Thank goodness I have no tv.

The mainstream isn't picking up crap...that's why it's called the mainstream...lol.
Frustrated men and frigid women have been the butt of jokes for ages.
How about if they looked past their Nielsen numbers and filmed the commercial with a frustrated wife and a frigid husband...now THAT might generate some chatter, as THAT is not, ahem, mainstream :)

Just very, very real...

Gosh!!! I saw that one and it totally PISSED me off. I had to see it a second time to even believe it. First, it is shockingly inappropriate and stupid. What in the heck does a refusing wife and a passively frustrated husband have to do with Cable? And I have kids watching that stuff.

Second, I don't think the subject matter is funny and never have -- even before I was married. It's just plain stupid.

I guess you got me going there for a second.

Don't have a TV. And haven't been missing it!

Bazzar, if someone came up to me on the main street in my town and asked me if I knew what ILIASM was/is I'd be WAY TOO WARY to answer "yes."

This ad is a safe way to get this message out into the world.
I appreciate the effort.
I wonder, though, if those in "normal" marriages get this.
To tell you the truth, I could care less.
I got it.
You got it.
She got it and so did he.
I find that empowering.

Yep, it's been standard comic material throughout my life. Women cavorting in sexy underwear in front of bored husbands briefly looking up from the newspaper to ask if they've started dinner yet, men answering questions about sex with "I wouldn't know, I'm married", sketches, cartoons and quips of this type have been around forever. We're a known and recognised community, but treated with mild embarrassment; I'd guess we're roughly equivalent to couples who are into bondage or kink. You can make jokes, but you'll make your dinner party guests uncomfortable if you talk about this in depth. But most people know it exists and that it's not that rare - I'd say a fair few have had mild experience...

There's nothing new in this world.

A few decades ago Henny Youngman made a career in comedy out of similar material.

Various persons carried on the tradition, Rodney Dangerfield cut a niche for himself just before the groundswell of Political Correctness made such material a bit of a "tut tut".

It will return again, I am sure.

The wheel keeps being re-invented.

I would have grave doubts that ILIASM as a loose affiliation of persons is spilling over into mainstream society and having some effect. I would bet that if I walked down the main drag in my town and asked the first 100 people I saw if they had ever heard of ILIASM I would come up empty.

Tread your own path.

Speaking of which -
- two blokes talking
Bloke 1 - "Do you talk to your wife while you're having a root ??"
Bloke 2 - "Only if there's a phone handy"

boom boom

I'm not so sure ILIASM has anything to do with that ad but who knows?
Who can tell?
Maybe the advertising/marketing firm they use has someone in it who is on this board.
Who can tell?
Does it matter?

What I find really interesting is the husband's response.
He seems to be at that place where he could give a flying **** what she cares about/doesn't care about.

Her response - standing there unblinking almost like a deer in a headlight - tells me she knows EXACTLY what he's talking about but dares not take her complaint further because - like I said - nobody give s a flying **** anymore.

You can just about see the puzzlement in her as she recognizes the turned worm.

If you're reading this (whoever is the genius behind that ad) do a sequel.
And then another.
And another.
You're on to something BIG.