T Levels?

Can anyone share any insight on what t levels should be? My husband got checked and while they were in the normal range, they did seem sort of low. His sex drive is quite low... it always has been on the lower side but now it is much worse and sometimes he can't even.."get the job done" if you know what I mean. I have a really tough time with this because I recently lost a bunch of weight and actually feel really good about myself but it coincides with this and is heartbreaking. I feel unloved and unwanted.. He isn't a very affectionate person either which doesn't help. I had an affair a few months back (yes, I regret it but I was at rock bottom with a bunch of other stuff that was happening and our marriage was not in a good place) but I really miss that feeling of being longed for. I don't think I am unattractive and I am still young.. If its not the hormone levels I have no idea what it could be.
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No, dont have another affair, instead encourage him to go back to his doctor and get his 'free testosterone' tested as GTR1400 suggested.
Whilst waiting to be tested again, he can try to increase his testosterone naturally. My husband took zinc, magnesium and cod liver oil and it has a positive effect on his ED.

Yes, have another affair. Or get out of the marriage

If his "t" score is within range, what does that tell you?

If his "t" score is low, what does that tell you?

You want him to behave differently and that is the source of your pain. You're pursuing the "why's' that all of us pursue. Which one will open the door to harmony and bliss?

My dear, you are young and vital and need more from your marriage. If his "t" levels were perfect, I think the situation might still be compromised.

Testosterone exists in two forms, free testosterone and bound testosterone. Only free testosterone has any hormonal action. If your husband was only given one number, then the total testosterone was measured. He, and other people investigating their testosterone levels need to demand to be tested for FREE Testosterone.

Many men, too many, have total testosterone that is within range, but have free testosterone that is too low. Myself included. That means that too much of the testosterone they are making is bound to components in the blood and unavailable for action.

The free testosterone was also in the normal range.

What was it? The problem is that labs do not report the uncertainty of their results (and all lab assays do have uncertainty due to operator, equipment, and metrics), and usually if the results are in the first quartile, there is an increasing risk that the "true" value is sub-normal. Talk to your physician if results are "OK" but low.

Taking a broader view than the T as a single issue.

He is not, by nature, an affectionate person.
He is not pursuing any sort of ED therapy with any enthusiasm.
He is not engaging in other pair bonding behaviour with you as an alternative to the ED.

Where would be the evidence that this is likely to get any better ?

The situation has already driven you out to cheat at least once.

Where would be the evidence that this is likely to get any better ?

Tread your own path.

OMG, you could be channeling my life. LOL!
My husband had the same problem and I begged him to have his t levels checked. The first test showed it as normal, but I kept after him and I told him it was not normal for him not to be interested in sex and to be tired. He had the doctor check again and they did find that it was lower than normal (not sure what the numbers are). Things are better now, but I still like sex more than he does.

I'm having my husband get his checked. I told him if he doesn't at least try to figure out what's going on since he says he's "too tired" all the time, then I'm totally gone.

Average level for the man 20-100 years old is between 250-1050. If your husband is 100 years old and has a level of 250 that’s normal but looking at your age group your husband is around 30 years of age and he should be at 700-900. Anything below 500 is low even for seniors

Yeah his was in the high 200s. So I am guessing that isn't good.

Mine was once in the low 300's in his early 30's. It's the only time he's been tested. He has zero interest, zero libido.

Make sure he is tested for Free Testosterone. The range is 35-155 pg/mL. However, there is impairment when levels are in the first quartile of that range. As men age, not only does testosterone production decline, the level of protein binding globulin increases and the level of free testosterone declines much more rapidly than total testosterone.