A Step In The Right Direction

Well, a couple of days since we had our discussion that was more than "The Talk".

Today, we both worked outside, getting things prepped for winter. I came in after putting everything away and my wife was waiting for me with water in our whirlpool bath.  It was enjoyable exploring each other again . . . and more.

I can only hope it will last as both of us deal with issues and improve.  But, there still is a way to go.
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2 Responses Nov 3, 2012

Great I hope you shared this we her too, I hope it continues

Sounds great. Hope things continue to go well for you. Please share your secret for getting to this point.

No secret. See my story "Now It Starts". It was a slow realization that both of us needed to change and a push was needed for her. But I was prepared to have our relationship end.

I am hoping. Life will be more fulfilling when she desires me and I can please her.