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A Step In The Right Direction

Well, a couple of days since we had our discussion that was more than "The Talk".

Today, we both worked outside, getting things prepped for winter. I came in after putting everything away and my wife was waiting for me with water in our whirlpool bath.  It was enjoyable exploring each other again . . . and more.

I can only hope it will last as both of us deal with issues and improve.  But, there still is a way to go.
GTR1400 GTR1400 61-65, M 3 Responses Nov 3, 2012

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Great I hope you shared this we her too, I hope it continues

I am glad for you. But forgive me for not being hopeful. I have seen this before. This group is like the Titanic2, Titanic 3, Titanic4, etc. I think that very rarely these things can be repaired. I do wish you well, dearheart. I do. *shakes head and walks sadly away saying too many are in this sinking boat, nearly all perish*

Sounds great. Hope things continue to go well for you. Please share your secret for getting to this point.

No secret. See my story "Now It Starts". It was a slow realization that both of us needed to change and a push was needed for her. But I was prepared to have our relationship end.

I am hoping. Life will be more fulfilling when she desires me and I can please her.