Since 1984 Long Long Long Dry Spell.

Back in 1983 I got my girl friend pregnant. We were both doing drugs at the time. She decided to terminate it. During the procedure she had to hold the glass jar that contained the chopped bits of our terminated fetus. She says she saw a little hand. So since July 1984 I've lived in a no sex desert. So I think I'm due some kinda award. Which also factored in on my switch. But I'm happy again and I still haven't had any sex at all.
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51-55, T
2 Responses Nov 4, 2012

Soooo, you've been without sex since you were about, what....15 or so? I'm totally raising the B.S. flag.

Had a look at your profile. I don't know a huge amount about your preferences, but 'cross dresser' does not necessarily mean you'd prefer to be a girl, but 'transgender' indicates you do ?? (You list both)
So I guess it is possible for a bloke to want to be a girl, but still like girls sexually ?? That's the only scenario in which your story makes sense,

I hope that clinic you were at for the abortion has had a severe review of it policies and work practices since 1984. A custom of handing over the results of the proceduret to the mother seems a tad insensitive. Far fetched even.

Good luck in sorting this out.

Tread your own path.

About 25% of postop male to female transsexuals remain gynephilic.

My STBX was supposedly interested in women sexually...according to herself.
I think that she actually finds women more esthetically pleasing, but does not want actual sex beyond a little light making out.
I mean, real sex involves dampness and strong feelings. She's not up for any of that nonsense.
Note, I am *quite* certain that other MtF transwomen do not universally share her horror of sex.