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I was really very upset about being in a sexless marriage from few years.I always thought that why did this happened to me.I used to blame my destiny.But joining this group changed my perception to some extent.Firstly there are others like me here.Second thing is that all humans have to undergo bad experiences and also good experiences in there lives.
It is also true that for some people life is a an easy ride while for others life is really tough.But all things good or bad have a reason ,probably to teach us something,maybe that everything depends on our perception.
I am upset because of living in a sexless marriage but this could be a good thing in one way.Like earlier i never cared about doing things that i really liked like reading ,writing and lot of other things.But now i try to do things that makes me feel good and happy.Even at the risk of being philosophical I would like to say that I realized  most of the good things in life can be done easily and are also free :). Walking in a sunny morning,smiling at an unknown stranger ,watching an old favorite movie are some of the things i like and also makes me feel happy.
I would be happy to see your comments about how you feel about this.
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I dont know how

i think you just reach a point where you have to get selfish too. I do a lot for myself now that I never used to do and I enjoy it. Once you reach that spot where you know it's just not going to happen then you start coming up for air so to speak and bike rides, talking with strangers at Starbucks,etc..etc..have a whole new meaning:)

I agree with you.Anyways its always good to listen to your heart and do things you want to do.

Yea the boat works really well all summer and then comes fall. Yard work with leaves. Then some time in the garage working on the hot rod. And then the holiday parties and then the football play offs. Then spring and yard work again and everything starts over. Oh thats right i got laid 4 or 5 times. Nothing is enough to replace the touch and feel of intimacy.

Other things can take my mind off it for a bit, but they can't fill the gaping hole.

(Insert Michael Scott quote)