Get The Heck Out Of A Sxless Marriage

really I did and not soon enough it was torture.  You women know when your cycle reaches the ovulation point and you have dreams or sx and wake up all hot and bothered?  Why would you want to go thru that over and over again with someone lying next to you who wont even touch you?  Life is hella short the days pile up and become years you young women become older women if you wait too long you'd reach menopause with no children no lovers no feeling of "man this is why god threw us on this world to find pleasure in each other and maybe have a kid doing it"  I've thought of that when i man is on top of me.  Its a feeling of pure bliss why would anyone deny themselves the pleasure.  You'd  only have a "nice man"  that you'd probably hate and resent.  Divorce the poor sob.  keep him as a nice friend and nice buddy and what ever you want but find a man a real man in bed who knows what  a woman wants and deserves and is willing to do it all the while enjoying himself and having the greastest pleasure in life.    
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i agree with you honey

You've nailed it. That "nice man" cares only about himself. If there's a way out please honor yourself and take it. Otherwise expect to end up a bitter woman (or man) despising the cardboard man (or woman) in the next bedroom down.

I've begged my husband for divorce many times over the years only to be shot down, ignored or physically threatened. I did manage to escape for five years a while back and have only myself to blame for going back after promises of change that never occurred.

They are what they are. Bloodless, grey, passionless excuses for human beings.

yes my ex ignored my requests for divorce and requests for him to move out. (we were renting) but he did sign once i presented the papers all filled in and i actually had to move out of the apartment we were at and told him he was not to move in with me and had to find his own place. You can get a divorce even if he is not willing to sign. In my State you no longer need a notorary either just proof of residency.

No doubt!