He Makes Me Sad

Why wont he come to bed with me anymore? Always an excuse or sitting in front of his virtual girlfriends. I am sick of it.

Now he comes home late from work. Always an excuse.

Can he just nor try to be happy in a normal relationship? What am I doing wrong?
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The internet is slowly second best. For a bit. I hope it continues!

<p>What you are doing wrong is failing to respect yourself. You need to put in place some boundaries that prevent another person from abusing you. Your current boyfriend is a User and Abuser. But until YOU put a stop to this (by kicking him out) nothing will change.</P><br />
<p>Believe me when I tell you that YOU are a worthwhile and good person. Stop allowing this scum to mistreat you. Respect yourself. {{{hugs}}}</P>

Mee too and i just want to find somone for discreet encounters to fullfill the things that is missing in life feel free to talk to me anytime im av

What are you doing wrong? Looking for a normal relationship where none exists. Why don't you move on to someone who would like nothing better than having a normal relationship with you? You cannot change him, and he does not want to change.

Reading your previous stories your partner is probably a cheating lemon. What have you done wrong? Nothing except tolerate his foul behavour.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Just been re-reading your stories in sequence for context here.

It seems that the evidence that your spouse is a dud keeps piling up, a bit more each story. But not, yet, at a level that marks yout tipping point.

The sooner you grab the reins here and start steering it in your preferred direction, the better. But, like many of us, you might need to reach "gutful" status before you are motivated.

Tread your own path.