A Trap?

Her solution. Her words. I should find a girlfriend.

Okay then
I think we need some music to stimulate the conversation
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LOve the music. Should you get a girlfriend?? Just get divorce...

Well, if you ever get a divorce and find yourself lonely....call me. I make an excellent girlfriend.

Based on our " vanacular" I will do just that :)


Thanks for introducing me to this music. Nothing new to add that everyone else hasn't already said, so yeah, do what everyone says.

See a lawyer so you know how a divorce would shake out for you.

Then, if you still think it is a viable risk, choose. Make it as an INFORMED a choice as you can.

Tread your own path.

Go for it!

Get her to write that in a notarized letter, then if she tries to divorce you for adultery, your butt's covered.

Sorry bro but girlfriends can be just aster bad as wives.. not to mention wives start out as girlfriends. In my experience all relationship roads lead to sexless marriages. Why do you think this is one of the largest groups on ep. The only reason the group isn't bigger is many are still in denial and think breif bad sex once every other week or so means they don't qualify to be here. They do.

We can't date ourselves can we? The alternative is to be alone. I'm okay with that as well. There is always the happy ending offered by the noodle house/ massage parlor I suppose. Lol

I once read a quote: "$ex is like oxygen, not a big deal unless you aren't getting any."
I'm trying polyamory at this point...I don't think I ever want to get stuck trying to make monogamy work again...every monogamous relationship I've ever had, with people of either main gender, has gone down flaming.

Now she has truly set the trap. You cannot win here. My wife was forever telling me to find a girfriend and not pester her for sex.

Well guess what when i did her reaction was Volcanic and i was the worst person in the world. Dont go down this path. If you have truly had enough seek legal advice prepare an exit plan get it into do able shape than go out and find a girlfriend. Hell maybe even two or three.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

I here her saying, I don't love you I would like for you to go get involved with someone else so I don't have to pick up the tab for a reason of divorce.

I agree

Good point. This is a thinker. It was a fascinating convo/talk. We both acknowledge the elephant in the room

get the divorce then the girlfriend.

It was quite the whopper of a conversation. Let me just state that. A smart girl once told me that sex in a marriage isn't everything but it is something. I used that quote today. I feel a bit liberated at the moment.

No such thing as a smart girl... so hahahaha

You told me that knucklehead :P

I know I told you that... I did it in a PM the day or two before you and wifey had the talk... I was being cheeky!!!

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