Horrible Marriage

I live in a sexless and what feels like a loveless marriage. My husband and I had our beautiful daughter and I believe we got married because we had a baby. We don't talk, we don't share anything and he refuses to help provide for his daughter beyond paying rent and bills, I get her everything she needs. I feel as though I am constantly under pressure and that when he calls I have to answer ASAP or he blows my phone up with calls after calls. As for the sex thing omg I am lucky if we do anything once a month and when we do its how he wants to and all he cares about is himself, there is no passion
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Thanks for hearting my post.
I hope things get well for you as well.

I have have been married for six years. We always had a troubles in our marriage however right after the birth of our child my husband turned cruel towards me by denying me any physical contact for the last 3.5 years . It seems i have to even beg for a hug. He says he hates me so much so that sex is not possible. I wonder right from the day i came back from the hospital how could he be so cruel to not even give me a hug. i gave my career to bring up my child two years ago... i feel dead and sad

Really feel for you. Can we be of something sharing to each other? I being a man having the same situation. Let's be support for each other if it's ok for you. respond me at alaxp.ind@gmail.com. Take care n have faith.

It sounds so much like my marriage. I reckon that what your H does is passive aggressiveness. Mine is definitely a natural born passive aggressive guy. My fault in this is that I didnt see it in the 8 yrs before and then I let him do his way, humiliate and then ignore me.
Ever since I opened up my eyes, after despair and depression I got to Repression... Refused to do groceries and to cook at home. The baby ate at kindergarden and frugal dinners, but at the point He saw the fridge empty for several days he did find the marketplace. I stopped buying him clothes, socks, underwear included and he was used to having often new ones... It's been a year since and he starts grunting about it.
The truth is that after reading these stories here I get more courage to straitghen up my back and fight for our family, for a normal relationship.

Dont let your husband bully you! Do it for ur child! At some point she'll see that you dont have a team there and she'll choose one of you as her main raw model... The outcomes would be that either she'll treat u and others like ur H (that would be the reason why my H acts like this, copies his father) or she'll inconsciously look for a similar man...

Good luck with finding ur way!

Do you know what a Narcissistic personality disorder is?

I suggest search narcissistic husband and wife relationship.

I bet you are going to get some of your answers.

Is he a NPD? Some of what you described
In your post tells me if hes not he is something just as bad or worse.

He will teach your child the dysfunctional personality paterns if you do not get to learnwwhat and who you are dealing with.

Get yourself a psychologist to start seeing, you will need it.

While sex you feel is your problem, i say its probably who you are married to is a worse problem.

Be smart and move in a direction of knowledge of yourself and him and pursue the right choices for your daughter.

Good luck.

Life shoud be good