He Never Asks...

He never asks me how I feel
He rarely says hello
He only ever calls when he wants something

He never asks me for a kiss
He doesn't even take one
He only ever comes out when his computer's frozen

He never asks me how I am
He doesn't touch me anymore
He acts like all is well and nothing could be wrong

I don't know what to do
I know even less what to say
So I act like him and hope it will all go away
alicelost alicelost
31-35, F
4 Responses Nov 11, 2012

I've got one of these. He has asked me twice in a year how I feel or how my day has gone. I once told him he never asks how I am. He told me "That's not true," and didn't change a thing.

They don't care.

Careful. I started to 'act like him' and now I can't seem to go back to my old bubly self... escape with your dignity intact now.

Make him go go away, you are to young. Your poetry should have a message that you yourself would like reading.

It probably is not going away if you don't take any action to change the dynamics in place. Inertia will carry on everything as it is now forever otherwise. You have to intervene and say hey I do not like what is going on. You are going to rock his world and force him to come out of his comfort zone. But, this is the way anything is going to change.