Too Painfull?

Ok title sucks but couldnt think of one sooo.... Ok so im reading stories and same ol thing over and over lack of interest lack of interest occasional medical issues ect. Something happened that i thought i should share as maybe for just an eye opener.
I have my own problems and this female friend of family for over 25 yrs knows these very well and her and her spouse also have issues as she has had problems with the vaginal mesh thingy. So for years shes told her spouse sex is painfull and is even in lawsuit for this whole issue. Understandable right ? So wow! I have just found out shes been sleeping around for years and even made a very strong pass at me. So why did I share this? Just anger wants me to let others know to be weary. Just because you hear a duck dont mean its a duck...they make duck calls and some people are very good at it.
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The fact that some types of refusers tell outright lies is NOT groundbreaking news.

Tread your own path.

You should title this story "the village bicycle broke down but everyone still got a ride".

Just goes to show that with the exception of an actual medicle issue now i'm talking doctors results, report in hand most excuses offered up by the refuser are just bull

Medical Issues indeed sex is to painful, let this be a warning to those out there thinking he/she just has a low sex drive, they dont like it that much etc.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

I saw medical records and I heard the prognosis if he got treatment. It didn't matter because he didn't seek the treatment. I am starting to think there may be an asexual component. Or maybe gay? As I've had more experiences with men who are hot-blooded passionate men I am realizing more and more how weird my ex was.

I hear you but in the case mentioned the Refuser made a song & dance about how painful it was for her only to be out screwing half the town

I get that. But medical issues are phony too if they have them, complain its a major problem impacting lots of areas of life and then do nothing. To my ex: Would you like some more whine with that bs?