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What's A "beautiful Woman"??

Nearly all woman are simply beautiful to me. The only turn offs I have are bad hygiene and bad attitudes.

So ladies, please allow me to tell you about men like me. Some of you might now be aware we are out there because we SURELY are not going to act like a creep and TELL you what we are thinking. You would think we are crazy. But we are out there every single day. We are the guys standing in line next to you at McDonalds/Starbucks/Insertanythinghere and we are SO honored to be in the same room with you! And you just don't know it. Its not a case of wanting to jump your bones, its respect and appreciation for your beauty, for your kindness to others, for your smile - even if only for a split second as we bump into each other or try to go down the same isle at the grocery. That smile you flash us makes our day. We remember that smile for the rest of our shopping. That little split-second you smiled at us may have been the most honest and caring smile we had seen in a week and we were thankful for it.

Now - its not a creeper thing. Its a true APPRECIATION. A creeper would follow you around the store - An appreciator thinks of your kindness later in the day while switching tv channels and it makes us feel better about our day.

Men like me notice things. We notice the way you are dressed. We notice your hair. We notice what an awesome mom you are to your children. We notice how lovingly you help someone (your mom/dad/grandparent/neighbor/relative) who has trouble doing something on their own and you help them and talk so kindly and sweet to them. You treat them with respect. Because you are a beautiful woman. We so very much would love to be the person you are going home to. How lucky that guy is - we hope he knows it! And if you are going home alone - we know what a shame that is!!

No I haven't mentioned "looks". Looks, to men like me, are standards set by society and by our "brothers" in our gender who are jerks. They are the loud-mouthed womanizers who wanna get laid. Let me tell you what we think:

- We do not care for the women who clearly do not respect themselves enough to dress like a normal human being. While, being human and male, we do L-O-V-E your bodies, we love them the way God and your life have dictated they will be. We appreciate REAL women. We like bodies who have carried children. We like what you think we wouldn't like. We appreciate what you think may be "wrong" with your bodies. We much prefer your breasts be natural. Just the way they ARE. We listen to you talk about your "boobs sagging" or "not where they are supposed to be" and we dont tell you but in our heads we are SO happy they are just the way they are. There is also NOTHING WRONG with the "baby weight" even if your "baby" is 25!!
We love how you make eye contact. We love the twinkle in your eyes. We love the sound of your voice. We love catching a faint scent of your perfume. Some of us guys actually think MORE about what it would be like to lay behind you and hold you against us and lay in the dark and talk and laugh - than having sex with you. To feel your warmth - to feel your voice in your body against ours - to feel your tummy move when you laugh. We love to get elbowed when we tease or make jokes.

We value KISSING lightly, passionately, deeply, for a long time more than we do "getting some ***" like many of our gender-mates. We might have been friends or coworkers for a thousand years and have never led on, but could die happy just to kiss you one time. Just to hold your face lightly and make eye contact and pull you close and kiss you.

We don't just hold your hand. We feel the warmth of it. The shapes of your fingers. Your fingernails. The rings you have on. And when you reach for our hand - our heart soars. Because you WANT to hold our hand.

All women are beautiful in their own way! And I am a true admirer who never says a thing. Just keeps these things in my head and my heart.

Drummer1013 Drummer1013 46-50, M 158 Responses Nov 15, 2012

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Drummer -

I couldn't have said this better myself.

Amen, brother. Amen.

How sweet you are! so sweet to recognize this need woman have to feel appreciated and admired. No matter our size or looks or color or race all woman feel the same way.. We all want admiration and to be validated for our efforts to please you. Thank you so much for posting these beautiful thoughts. You are a real man.

Even though I already smile at everyone..this makes me want smile more.!!

Will you marry me? ;)

I think all of us ladies were thinking the same thing! Kudos to you for saying it! ha!

I want to sincerely thank-you for this post. Yes I am loved. I yearn to touch almost constantly. To lightly rub my hand against his... Even if he tells me, 'Not now honey.' (what does THAT mean?) I wanted to loose the weight. I wanted to buy new flattering clothes. WHY? I want to look sexy; ONLY because I want YOU proud to be seen with me. Still it hurts when you tell me, "Honey stop. It's getting aggravating when you do that!"

Omg straight from the heart.real.I didn't know a man existed like you.ty for your comment.I've been abused for many years and you just gave me hope.ty

Thank you for sharing these ideas and thoughts. It does offer a glimmer of hope that there are still good men out there who are not looking for the perfect size 8.

Thank you for writing this, I really needed this today.

How would we tell you apart from the men that just want to use us, when passing in the grocery store? How do we recognize the real men from the jerks? Is there a clue? A scent you give off? Give us a clue how to recognize you!

I wish i had that answer.... but I do not. My gender has really botched it for my kind. The presumption and preconceived, and rightly so, ideas of who we are if we say anything. It's truly sad.
We are out there. Moderately "handsome" fellows who smile to ourselves when you walk by and thank God for his works of beauty and my working eyes to see you.....

Definitely written from the heart!

lovly article


Thank you for making me smile. It's nice to know that men like you are out there :o)

I almost forgot that men like you exist. How wonderful that you are attentive to the details and notice the small stuff in life.

Well said, mate! It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there. (Though I will admit that smoking is a huge turn-off for me.)

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Your story brought a huge smile to my face.

You made me smile, thank you!

I wonder what he looks like...

Wow......This is so beautiful. I am glad you shared this. I wish more men are like this. Men who are like this need to show it more, instead of keeping it inside. Can we clone you please? Whatever woman who is lucky enough to have you, should be very happy.

It's good to know there are good men out there who can treat a woman like a beautiful human being instead of another piece of meat...good bloke!

This is the type of man we mothers wish for our daughters...

Aww this is sweet.

I wish I could meet a man like yourself, and I don't mean in a romantic way only - I would be just happy to have a male friend like you! Most of men these days are **** pigs, energy drinks bingers. Almost considering becoming a lesbian...

I'm sitting in a room that will soon be filled with more people who smell like cigarettes than I would care to mention. Thank you for making it suck a little less :)

This is a bunch of unadulterated shameless patronizing.
First off the beauty standard was set by both males and females together, and women are just as superficial as guys are about looks.
Secondly why not mention all the kind men who look out for their fellow human brothers and sisters on a daily basis? men who do charity, volunteer work or a simple favors expecting nothing in return far outnumber women.

Looks do matter in guys just like how they matter for women, that is just human nature and men are just as likely to be kind and helpful as their female counterparts.

Enough with this feminist propaganda.

Chill out. This is beautifully written.


Your wife is lucky...and it is my lost :))
Thank you for sharing this thought. You made my day

I think every woman who read this fell in love with you ;)

wow i so wish more men were like that.

PLUS: We love wet throbbing ******* that chew us up and or swallow us whole.