Role Reversal

Two days ago he made a move and I shot him down. I was feeling low physically and emotionally (nothing to do with him) so I wasn't in the mood. I felt sooo guilty about it after though. Now I'm paranoid it's going to set us back in our progress. Also, his friend from out of town will be coming next weekend to stay with us for a week. I could pretty much write that week off for seeing any action. 
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I know how it feels.. Ive been there too..!!! Sucks when you want it and don't get it but you have to be ready for the other person..... u seem like a nice person.

maybe a fwb for a while ?? never can tell .

Do you really think that because he was horny and you refused it will set your relationship back? It sounds like you two are missing, not just physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy. I was in just such a relationship. I held on for years because I loved her. We ended our 40 year marriage about 4 months ago. I wish we had ended it 17 years ago...

Sounds like you are fearing repercussions of the Refuser. Are you afraid he will deliberately withold sex as a form of punishment for rejecting his advancements?

Perhaps it is time you sat him down and had a serious talk with him.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Taken in context with your other story, this reads like you reckon that when HE refuses a root his reasons are not valid, but when YOU refuse a root your reasons ARE valid.

Anyway, it is a dysfunctional situation whichever way you look at it.

Is it at dealbreaker status yet ? It usually needs to get to this status to provide the impetus for change.

Tread your own path.

When this happens to me - I give my partner full credit and initiate with the fullest heart I can muster three separate times.