My Girlfriend Never Touches Me

I'm gay and I have a gf I always try to touch her and kiss her sometimes she will give in and let's me do sexual things to her but she never does it in return wat could be the problem?or she never toches me I meann she kiss and hugs me but sexually never.
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3 Responses Nov 17, 2012

Perhaps she's more asexual than gay. At your age just coming to terms with "gay" probably takes up all available emotional room and she hasn't parsed exactly what she needs or doesn't need in a relationship.

She will "give in" and sometimes "let me do sexual things to her".

And you regard this as an adult 'relationship' !


Tread your own path.

Childhood abuse? Traumatic experience? Religious guilt? Personality disorder? Nearly all of us on this board are stuck searching for a 'why'. I think it's unclear, and possibly all of these described paths, and more, can lead to the same place. But I'd recommend you read some of the stories posted here. Even without a 'why', there's something to be gained from recognising someone else's similar experiences. Insights from a slightly different point of view give perspective, and from this you can begin to see the shape of the 'beast' a bit better, even if we can't explain where it came from.