Happily Ever After

Here I am again...but this time I am writing to all my friends on ep! I want to thank you all for your friendship. For the encouragement, the laughter, the passion, and the heartbreak we have shared. Each one of you has a special, and unique place in my heart!

The purpose in thanking you all is two fold...I am also here to say goodbye.
I am taking an EP vacation. Truthfully I hope I never have to come back! Because that will mean I got the "happily ever after".

My husband has really been putting in the effort to heal our broken marriage and I feel like my being on here has become a distraction. Holding
me back from giving our marriage my all! I really need to do this right! It is that important to me! I want to be that little old toothless couple holding hands as we stroll through the park. Silly huh? But that is my hearts desire!

I sit here with tears streaming down my face, because I hate goodbyes! Wish me luck friends!
Love and best wishes to you all...and again thank you!
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Don't know if you are still corresponding to EP or if things are good with you and your hubby now or not, but please do not rule out male menopause (andropause). Men suffer their woes as well as us women. I have gone through menopause and my husband was in andropause for over 15 years before we discovered it. Not the doctors, but us by our research. He was disinterested, irritable, angry, like PMS for women.So please do not give up on your husband. My hubby and I are committed to be together forever as you and your husband are. You can do it, just don't give up on a good man!

Good luck!

Follow your heart and dream,I wish you the best of everything.Take good care of yourself. "Gus."

Good luck with that.........................and I am sure you will probably be back. They shape up for a few than go back to true form.

Good luck, as I have always wished you! Go get him, girl!!!

I have followed your stores...and will miss your words...thank you!


If you have made an informed choice and decided to go "all in" on the marriage, then it's a good call to give these pages a miss as you pursue that agenda.

Tread your own path.

Best wishes for everything to work out well for you both. Be realistic too. If things slip back into the old patterns, challenge them again. Be sure you never return to the "old" ways - whatever that may take. GOOD LUCK!!

This is such an encouragement to me that things can change and there could be a glimmer of hope! Praying it all works out for you and that someday you may return with Happily Ever After stories about a ILIASM Restored. :) Blessings for your future.