I Still Love Him But I Rather....

I need this to be out of my chest, even though you married me because you said that you "love me for who i am" and easily divorced me after a year because "you can’t stand me anymore" guess what i still love. i still love you even though you had sex with me once a month, i still love you even though you would go out with your friends and leave your wife at home for hours, i still love you even when your mum disrespected me and you just stood there and smiled, i still love you even though when you thought i cheated on you with my befriend and when I caught you cheating and lying to me, you just snapped, i still love you even when you called me names, i still love you even when you gave me these marks on arms and back, i still love you when i said that " i don’t love you anymore and i agree what we should just get divorce" . i still love you, it’s just that i have so much pride for myself, and i rather be hit by a car before i go back to you.


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3 Responses Nov 18, 2012

I liked your punchline. It was a punchline, wasn't it?

We can be contradictory towards ourselves every day, in all sorts of different ways.

Sublimely ridiculous if you pause long enough to contemplate it.

Once I read a book If it Hurts, it isn't Love... I tend to agree...

i so agree!

If there is such a thing as "unconditional love" and if this is an example of it, it must require a complete non recognition of reality to achieve. Which is hardly a good thing.

Tread your own path.