I Am Tired

Its been a rough ride emotionally these past few months and for years I have kept them at bay. I lost empathy and longed for love while not knowing what I was doing. EP is a special place I have been able to tell my story and learn from other responces that mine is much like others here but maybe with some different twists it all boils down to the same conclusion that there are 3 choices to make. Thank you everyone for your help, words, links, wisdom and your wanting to help others. I could go on but this post isn't about you.

I have forgiven my wife for the things she has done. I know I cant change her but still I love her. I dont have any more quarter for the coke machine.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEy4qEZ0mNs&feature=relmfu I can not forget all the pain and it haunts me too much when I am with her. Going forward it wont help me or my children to be hateful or resentful. I can only embrace each day as it comes.

I have no choice but to keep her in my life as we have children to take care of. We can take care of them even if not in the same house. I might miss out on a few things by not being in the same house but going forward I can make new memories with my children on my own for us to treasure.

Tonight my wife wants to hang out, I have to tell her that it is not going to work out and that we need to move on. I dont want to push it off untill after this holiday, xmas, new years, after spring break and then onto summer. I am tired of waiting and tired of excuses. I am tired of not being myself. I want to live life again.

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She started to ask about things during the highlight of a show that was on. I was very annoyed and told her not to interupt my show. Funny she never waits for a commercial to talk to me but gets pissed if I do it to her. So she left the room and when the show was over she was sleeping. Now I am feeling bad to tell her 2 days before Thanksgiving that is being held at my side of the family.

I wish you strength in your decisions and actions in the upcoming days. Eventually, we get to that point where it's just too much to deny or whitewash.

Good luck.

Praying it all goes well for you both and that you can find peace amongst yourselves so that your children can be supported and loved through your separating. My heart feels for the pain you will go through as you tell her its over. Its never easy to say or hear.

These "discussions" can fly off in unanticipated tangents, so keep your objectivity no matter what.

Tread your own path.

Breathe and move forward. You can do this. Be well.

It is a difficult decision, and probably doubly difficult, if not nearly impossible, to tell your spouse that it's over. Good luck, and I hope that you both can part with as little anger and fighting as possible.

Thank you.