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Oh.... So I'm A Cheater?? Really!!

I don't have to hide behind private messages. I posted that I am going to find a FWB and got a message that I am "a cheater". I find that and interesting observation from the safety of anonymity.

My friend - WALK the paths I walk daily. I'll give you my shoes, please put them on and have a gander at what I have to put up with FOR NOW. Heck, I'll buy you some brand new shoes - and you show me how its all supposed to be done, yes?

I will not bow to name calling because I am an adult. We all have our issues, and it helps to share - which is why we are all here.

I will pray for you and your attitude.

..... you dumba55. (sorry - I lied. I like name calling)
Drummer1013 Drummer1013 46-50, M 22 Responses Nov 20, 2012

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I know your pain because I've lived with it for the last twenty years.

Hey, I was a kid too once. Then again, I knew better than to butt into other people's business. I tend to be grounded, but experience has taught me that there is a cosmic balance. People like leonatan and Sammy will hopefully be the beneficiaries of dysfunctional marriages.

ThreeDecadesAlone, the name itself sends shivers down my spine. You've paid your dues, my friend. Live your life.

Thank you - and Peace to you my friend

sex is very important part of husband and wife relationship, if there is no sexual attraction there is not much left

Pretty sure Leonatan is a Shemale.

You guys are killing me LOL. I blocked their dumb a55es. I was craving finding them and beating them...................... where's my pills..........................

oh my look what I found!

It's a picture of one of our transient trolls having an introspective moment.

evil post, I know, I know ....

Oh great googly moogly...he seems to be seeking his inner something or another...

Evil? no. Well deserved? Theraputic? Yes :)

Well, that pictue looks very introspective,indeed. P, your evil side is hilarious!

Wow! Did I miss something? I was gonna guess Sammy was at it again.

Nope. Leonatan

What happened to that guy with the great hairstyle? I liked him!!! lol

You are a "cheater" even if you are honest because a "cheater" is one that breaks the rules of a relationship, the criteria of a relationship is "exclusive".Grow up and stop blaming the whole world for your stupidity.

Little girls with personality disorders should leave grown ups and grown up topics alone.

Whoa! I feel sorry for any poor fool who gets caught up in your web. Pain and suffering in a sexless marriage is awful. A sexless marriage is confusing, full of guilt and very difficult to sort out. Many of us spend years blaming ourselves and finally taking steps to find someone who provides us with some support and understanding in whatever form that may be is natural. I cringe at your definition of an exclusive relationship! You obviously have no understanding of this topic whatsoever.

I already had dealings with Sammy, I am pretty sure he dedicated a whole a story to me and my whorish ways. I got called all kinds of names via his expert opinion and then a few little croonies joined in. It was fun in EP land that night! Sometimes, EP is just like Jerry Springer. Don't you think? Honestly, Enna, I think telling Leon she had a personality disorder is giving her too much credit. This would assume she can be helped but I don't beleive she can be.

Well, kids have their limitations in terms of assessing their ideas in relation to the world at large. Some of them get very bizarre about it. I've had an 8 year old here expressing his opinion that I could not possibly be computer literate enough to know what LOL means. I've seen a 7 year old sprouting racial hatred with CONVICTION that he picked up gods know where. I've seen 12 year olds who never read a book on philosophy or ethics make iron clad dogmatic pronouncements of the morality or immorality of other people's actions that they simply did not even have the vocabulary to understand.

Socrates said : the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. Some poor uneducated folk never even get to the point where they realize this. Their event horizon is the edge of the metaphorical hole in the ground that they live in, and many of them are busy busy busy digging it deeper.

That young woman is confused, dogmatic and ignorant. She has no understanding of the matters she pronounces on, hell, she's not even an adult yet - that much is obvious. There is, in my opinion, no point in trying to engage her, because she is obviously unable to understand that her world view is mere ignorant childish dogma, and hardly related to the real world.

What ****** me off is the persistent name calling. She's got a pottymouth, with all that assumed moral superiority. Her ignorance I can excuse and ignore on the aforementioned grounds, her blatant bad manners and lack of respect for other people 2, 3 times her age, knowledge and experience I can not. She needs her bottom spanked and her foul mouth washed out with the toilet brush.


The foul-mouthed disrespect for others is what bothers me most too. I treated her like the child she is and hopefully one day she gets all she deserves....

troll-baiting on usenet was always fun, because you had threaded displays of messages and people could just ignore the entire sub-thread that was troll baiting once they saw what it was.
Unfortunately, in the context of web-based forums (fora?) this is not possible. More's the pity. Everything gets displayed, and in no particular order - it's really a dumb concept, but it's the one people mostly seem to use these days: usenet is practically dead except for a very few select groups.

Upshot: I am actually very very reluctant to start troll baiting or flamewars here. I am sure neither Sammy nor Leona own asbestos underpants. But all it amounts to here is more useless guff, and annoying people who want to read content, and wasting their time. Trying to contain myself ..... ignorant troll baiting can be a lot of fun {winks}.

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It's easy for one to stand back and judge others...yet they would probably have no problem justifying their own decisions, right, wrong, whatever they were. They should just live their own life, and not be so critical. Sorry you had to hear that.


Where do all these judgemental under 20 somethings come from? Is there a club called Future Refusers of the World United? When I was 20 I was concentrating on my education not on other people's business. They remind me of the little old women whom sit on the porch and make comments about all the neighbors. Just what the world needs, more busybodies.......

Thanks Kel

You are welcome. I just hate it when youngsters think they understand our trials in a SM. It is truly scary that they are so judgemental.

Only I'm old enough to have white hair. Stop believing everything you read, your IQ might just go up.

Wow! So you lied about your age.....called people names and called them stupid and you are an old, bitter something or another. It might be better to stay out of this group, we eat trolls with hot sauce. Not too mention the **** that may be happening in the back 40....I think this is more than you can handle.

Did you lie about your age to perv at youngsters, Habatur?

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I don't condone cheating and like to say I'd never cheat, but on the other hand, physical intimacy is a basic human need. I'm not saying stepping outside your marriage is the answer, that is only for you to decide, but I don't agree that you should be the one to shoulder all the blame in this situation. Refusing your partner a basic human need has consequences....people need to understand that. Best wishes to you!

Hi Three,

When my wife and myself went on a long journey of sexless doubt and near hatred, I started going on whatever website I could find to get ANY kind of intimacy.
I was called a cheater more than once, a PIG, a bad person, immoral.

ALL of that is BS. I like your "Walk in my shoes." comment because that's exactly what would shut them up immediately. I've found that most people who spout out hatred have no idea what the hell they're talking about... YOUR life.

Keep up the good work and keep up posted. I for one am interested.

Hi everyone, well I'm new to this subject of having a "friend with benefits" but to be honest I'm soooooooo glad I found a group where I can share some :D

I didn't cheat on my spouse, I dumped her fair and square.
They still had choice things to say about grammatically awful English.
...Leonatan's probably well under 18 and therefore knows everything ;)
And I dunno what Sammy's deal is.

People just stop by and troll, that's the internet for you...

I'll take your word for it, Ray...

Eff that person. Ya know what? Go YEARS with no intimacy at all, feeling like a worthless POS to a person you love with all your heart, feel unwanted, unattractive, and then tell me how you'd react when someone else finally shows interest in you! Go for it. I am.


I'm with you on this!

I love it, thank you for making me smile at bumba55!! like you most people would be crippled if they spend one day in my shoes! yet they think they have the right to judge xxx

HA! You had me at "dumba55..."

love you...

Why thank you sassy! Love you too :)

she is....
right now

Sammy or Leonatan. I have wondered if they are in fact the same person. The lack of punctuation, grammar and spelling, the self-righteous indignation and the for some reason deciding to read and comment on stories that obviously bother or offend them.<br />
<br />
There are some stories on EP that offend me. There are some groups that offend me. Guess what? I don't click those links and I am FINE. Other people don't seem to know this little trick.

Sammy and Leona are, I think, not the same person. They are 'friends' however - maybe they both go to Westboro(sp?) Baptist Church events together.

Oh snap. Those westboros are crazy. I hope the loons protest my funeral one day

I was going to guess Sammy, but Bazz beat me to it. Lol.

I nominate Sammy7000 as the likely culprit.

Seriously - that dude is a true............................ see - I almost let one fly again. I meant to say I will pray for Sammy7000 so that he sees the evil that he is and accepts people for who they are.

Hey !!! Do I win a prize ??
Sammy has deep issues about cheating, and is not a fan of challenging his thinking on his position.

I'd go a step further: he's not a fan of thinking .... much.

True enough. Incidently bro, I took a cheap shot at NZ'ers on a story by NYartgirl, so I await retaliation !!!!!

Aw, c'mon - that one is singularly inoffensive {winks}.

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Keep your shoes and give him your W.