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Sex makes people happiest

Making love is the most enjoyable human activity, a study has found.

Researchers used text messaging to build up a map of what activities people routinely rated as bringing the most and least happiness to their daily lives and found that sex ranked first in all three categories measured in the survey: Pleasure, meaning and engagement.

Drinking alcohol or partying came second in terms of pleasure but only 10th in terms of meaning, the Daily Mail reported.

Using Facebook and doing housework both ranked low on the happiness scale, according to the study compiled by Carsten Grimm from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Feeling sick was lowest rated in terms of pleasure, it revealed.

Grimm used mobile-phone text-messaging to collect data on what people did during the day and how they felt about it, a technique called 'experience sampling'.

“Those who tend to be high on all three orientations to happiness not only score high on life satisfaction, they also tend to have higher experiences of pleasure, meaning, engagement and happiness in their daily lives. This means that being able to seek happiness in different ways may enrich your everyday experience and increase your overall well-being,” he said.

Top-ranked activities according to the survey

1: Sex

2: Drinking alcohol

3: Volunteering

4: Meditating/religion

5: Caring for children

6: Listening to music

7: Socialising

8: Hobbies

9: Shopping

10: Gaming

Worst-ranked activities ar

1: Recovering from sicknes

2: Facebook

3: Housework

4: Studying

5: Texting

6: Going to lecture

7: Paid work

8: Commuting

9: Computer work

10: Washing

From: http://www.dnaindia.com/lifestyle/report_sex-makes-people-happiest_1765764
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Wait wait, drinking alcohol is a form of pleasure?This survey must be a scam.Too much alcohol harms the body, just like smoking, so i guess you and the MAJORITY of the people who did this survey finds pleasure in deteriorating your body must be "sick" :).

Yep, it doesn't make sense. You know some people claim to like eating nice food? And we all now how bad obesity is. Some people are just plain wrong. There'll be another billy goat gruff along in a minute...

They are just "followers" who lacks sane judgement and intelligence so they just "follows" like how LOL.

From what i have observed, "most" people who drink alcohol regularly are just leaches who is wasting their life everyday, without a proper job and can`t take care of themselves.That is what alcohol "purpose" is - to self-harm.But some people finds pleasure in harming not only themselves as well as others, thus the people who have participated in this survey are "unsane, leaches and have too much free time to WASTE."

Eating nice food hmm, i like eating many nice veggies and fruits and it have not harm me yet though :x.

My grandmother was a smoker, gambler and alcoholic throughout all her life.My grandfather and her children was just there for her to leach.She never once went to work.This are all evidences of pests of society.

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These people need to Shower with a partner more so washing can be more fun!

Curious methodology...but hey, if it supports the fact that we all need (more) sex...I'm all for it :)

Of course, it might be a useful thing to solicit what the top and bottom 10 are for oneself and spouse. Or even better, do that for a prospective spouse.

If only I had done that sooner.

Well, you learn something every day. Still, they were New Zealanders polled and they are a breed apart*

Interesting to note that it was a text poll, and #5 on the 'Worst Ranked' listing was "texting".

** New Zealand gag'
Q - what do you call a New Zealander wearing a suit ?
A - 'the defendant'

Tread your own path.

Well, if I can widen the scope of your gratuitiousness to all Antipodeans, the real problem is that you hold these kind of lists upside-down. And the water runs out of your baths the wrong way.

Now if only they would do that for those responsible for the Libor scandal, and the negligent regulators, and lying politicians, we'd be making progress. It really peeves me that an apparently rogue UBS trader has been jailed for 7 years, while his managers and the risk-management execs and senior execs all get off scot-free. Which gives you such a great confidence in the banking ponzi scheme. C'est plutot la meme chose.

I should have subtitled this post: "No Wonder Everyone Here Is In Such A Bad Mood."


"Feeling sick was lowest rated in terms of pleasure, it revealed."

Mind-blowing. Lol.

Oh I'm thoroughly enjoying my cold today... NOT

That seems a bit like saying water is wet. Being sick is not very pleasurable. That really took a study to determine? Lol.

I am sorry you are sick. Feel better soon.

No sh!t, right?

Someone on here asked "What food is better than sex?"
..I replied "NOTHING is better than sex!"

My STBX often found computer games more entertaining than sex with me... Kinda glaring dissimilarity there...

There are some foods that definetely go well with sex......

For her nothing went well with sex, including the sex.


LOL..............I know how that is.

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Yup. About sums it up. This explains why I am so unhappy...I don't really get to engage in any of the pleasure-providing activities...it's all drudgery. Meh.