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Make sure that you and your partner to be understand each others sexual needs. From experience, I've learned that unless we as individuals are open with our partners regarding our fantasies, desires and lusts we will ultimately live with regret and this WILL destroy any future intimacy. It is a myth that our partners will not accept our erotic needs simply because they have their own. So wise up and let it all out before the nuptials!
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Iam happy mature married man 50s have great sex with my wife but yet feel the need to play with a mans **** wow I jerk off harder with that thought then sex with my wife now in life what should I do

Did you know this when you married or is it a recent fantasy?

What would your wife think of your fantasy? Maybe she has the same one...only you don't appear in it ? Unfortunately .. all ***** come attached to a man , you can't have one without the other.....No , sorry , i forgot about Glory Holes !! Found mostly in filthy public toilets at truck stops......Are you seriously searching for this ? Not trying to be nasty , just surprised that you find it serious enough to put out there.
Just remember that you are happy with your wife and doing something to ruin it could be a big mistake. Some things are better left to play out in your mind , that's where they should stay . You may end up disappointed anyway , it may not live up to your fantasy and you won't be able to take it back .....

What we want now is not always what we want later.What stimulates us now, may not do it for us later. If you are in a relationship for 20 years + you can't possibly know at the beginning how you will feel about you desires down the track.
Sure you should express yourself at the beginning and throughout the entire relationship.
Just don't expect your partner to be interested in all the things you want.Some things simply play out in your mind ..and that's where they will have to stay.This goes both ways.It's not likely that you will find a partner who is into everything you want to do, and there will always be things that she wants, that you are not into either.
We are individuals with our own desires that are unique to us...there is no perfect match..The best you can do is find someone that you love and trust enough to share these intimate details with, knowing that they will treat you with respect and care enough to consider you needs.But never expect to have every request agreed to ........

Ok wrap on knuckles taken. Saw the Title - This story written in response to
"What advice would you give someone that's about to get married?" and was responding to that.... may we now be friends?

*Smile* That question is a crazy one to put on this forum! Your advice IS sound - for those to be married. Unfortunately, it does not always work. There are quite a lot of members here whose partners initially gace the impression of being into sex in a BIG way - but who failed to fulfill this promise over the lifetime of the relationship.

Did you forget to read the BOLD print for what this group is about? I LIVE IN A SEXLESS MARRIAGE does not have much to do with unfullfilled erotic fantasies for two or more.

I know you mean well, but giving advice on a topic about which you know nothing is very unlikely to be helpful unfortunately.

good luck with that