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As I live in a completely sexless marriage I feel helpless.There is nobody I could discuss this with.The few people I had discussed this with don't seem to understand how it could feel.If anybody of you feel the same please let me know I would be relieved to discuss what I am going through.
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There are many here myself included, that totally understand how you feel. I think you will find lots of helpful and information and support here.

Please feel free to pm me anytime happy to talk and help if i can xx

I really appreciate the advice given by you guys.I would like to discuss some things related to this issue if anybody of you could help.I mean there are some things that I am facing related to lack of intimacy and such issues .It would be nice if I could discuss those things with anybody.

You can discuss them. Just not in person. Post your concerns as a story. Start a Forum topic. You WILL get responses, I assure you.

We're here for you, all 33,000 + of us. Sorry you're going through this. Blessings.

Honey, there are 30,000 people on here who can relate (for the most part).

Stick around and learn.

I too live in a completely sexless marriage. I even have my own room. I long to be touched and feel loved.

Thanks everybody ,I am starting to feel that I am not alone and you guys can understand me :).

Read the stories posted here and you'll find that you are far from alone.
Be prepared.
This journey leads to some critical self-reflection and dramatic changes.

You're not the only one, and the worst part is I'm under 30. This has caused me to gain weight, and I'm starting to feel depressed about it and it shows.

I've been in my teens and twenties for my entire relationship. I'm in my late twenties now. I can really relate to putting on weight due to these issues. I felt like I didn't need to look after myself or my body because my significant other didn't want or need me physically at all - this led to feelings of absolute worthlessness, depression and frustration.

One day, she said "If you would only be fitter and lose some weight, then our sex life might improve".

As a result, I lost 50 kg (roughly 100 pounds I think) over the course of a year.

Our sex life didn't improve at all. I still felt useless.

Forget the date night and such. If you are on this site it is probably already passé. I speak from experience. I am a female married 20 years. He was never really into sex. The funny part is when I was young and pretty I was not into it as I was raised in a strict Christian home. Now all I think about is getting laid. I still look good but most men pass on me for that 20 something. Too bad because I really would be a good lover for them.

The best way to interact here is to become a regular poster. Add your story - tell us about your real life circumstances. Comment on other people's stories. Add your thoughts to Forum Topics. All of this will help you get to know this Experience Group and the people in it.

When you find someone here who you would like to know better or talk to in more detail, send them a Personal Message. Be aware that not everyone here wants to be in personal contact - some of us are happy just to be part of the Experience but don't want personal contact. Others however are happy to have personal contact. . . .

I know how you feel.... it sucks when you are no longer loved... when she cringe at your touch as if you have SH!T on your hands. It hurts, but when it public, its picture perfect fake for the audience. I know how you feel!

I can't take it no more!