Do The French Suffer From Sexless Marriages?

Just read the article bellow. Do not know is it good or bad, just the way of life...
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Regardless of how factual this article is, more and more I'm finding nothing wrong with the concept.

I suggest that it is fine - if you grew up in the French culture!
Hindu Indian people get their marriages arranged for them.
Arabian people can have harems.
If you are American you can wife-swap (if you drink enough).

It all depends on the values you have learned along the way to adulthood.

interesting! So...they DO have sex...just not with each other...hmmmmm. Thanks for sharing!

French kiss, french safe, french maid.... all connoted with sex!
French soldier? Connoted with surrender!
So.... Sex and Surrender..... Bend over and take it like a man!

Thank you everybody for your comments! I totally accept criticism about me reading Daily Mail - my daughter laughs at me all the time... So I was not 100% serious... I love France, been there several times for quite long time. Have friends there and did not notice so open liberal attitude... Though,probably have not been living there for long enough... Couples I communicated to seemed very much into each other.... but you never know...

Saw this news item many years back: "French factory workers strike work, demanding immediate correction of outrageous reporting error, after news article claimed that the GDP of California just exceeded that of France."

So, let's see: sex, generalisation about countries, and that paragon of British newspapers, the Mail. Hmmm. The only good thing is that they didn't include cancer for once.

I do feel there is a difference between European and (say) US culture in attitudes towards affairs, and rather than that being a commentary on what the French do or do not do, perhaps it would be more instructive to consider whether the US view of affairs/cheating/adultery is helpful, humane, or sane. Normally, the thing we have most difficulty in assessing is the familiar.

And it's obvious, unless you have particular beliefs which preclude logic, that having an affair when your partner has unilaterally cut you off, is morally and ethically justifiable. You cannot assert autonomy for yourself and simultaneously deny it to your partner. If it were consumer legislation, that would fall under unfair contract terms.

And perhaps it's no surprise, given the higher proportions of religious fundamentalism in the US. At least you're not being stoned, yet.

Most French guys are gay why you think they give up so easy lol

On what source is your conclusion based? What they give up?

A foul and stinking little country full of self important arrogants.

Wow, hello racism.

I think you'd better look up the definition of racism, FilteringMachine. ;-)

lol, "hello ethnocentricity" didn't have the same ring.


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France isn't quite the free-for-all that this article makes it out to be, but it is true that the stigma of sex outside the marriage is not the same as it is here. We're not quite putting Scarlet Letters on people, but I find the society a bit more judgmental on the whole thing. We're coming around though, seeing how public opinion on the Petraeus deal was split, and not along party lines.

Oh, the Daily Mail? A thoroughly irresponsible, provocative rag if there ever was one. They simply love to constantly sh1t-stir it about the French and the British, to stoke the xenophobic fires of the small-minded by constantly reminding them that there are treacherous aliens a mere twenty-something miles away only held back by a sizeable chunk of deep water. They just love it!<br />
<br />
On a completely lighter note from the same rag. this story:<br />
<br />
<u><b>Man jailed for five days for assaulting wife with his penis after she refused to have sex with him</b></u>.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
You couldn't make it up no matter how feverish your imagination and no, I guess it can't be recommended as a response.<br />
<br />
PS. If the majority of reader's responses don't have you laughing in tears I don't know why not.

I've lived in France. Really, this is an exageration. France is a sexually liberated society, but no more so than the SF bay area, New York, Chicago London, Amsterdam or Aukland. There are swingers everywhere. There are also a huge number of more mainstream people who have sex on a fairly regular basis with a small number of partners (predomiantly one) in private. And then there's us lot who have (or had) pretty much none.

Whether true or not about a specific group it definitely fits in with a lot of my reflections, musings and curiosities regarding sexuality across different cultures. There are definitely very different attitudes depending on region, religion and culture. Case in point, the recent story blaming God's laws for her unhappiness. That doesn't fit my way of looking at things one bit. But I live in an area of the world where those beliefs are quite commonplace, in fact. Culture? Maybe. Mass brainwash? Likely. Method to control, guilt and shame a population into submission? I think so but many wouldn't agree.

It's a breath of fresh air in this part of the world to find the sexually liberated. And most of those here aren't as liberated as the article implies exist in France. However, I've lived a few places considered liberal sociallt and have not personally found them quite that liberal as depicted in the article.

Good stuff to think on though. Thank you for it.

P, I feel sorry for her husband and for all of those in her vicinity. That kind of mindless herd of sheep speech is simply ignorant and judgmental. If she applies those principles to all of her life, God help them all. :-)

Of course not. France is a perfect jurisdiction in every respect. We ought all ******* move there.

Give me a break.

Tread your own path.

I know people like this in Canada... I'm wondering if it's just among that circle of friends (in the article). Hard to generalize aobut an entire nation!

Always hard to generalize about a large group of anyone, so true zsu.

That is certainly not the norm in the US. I would imagine that if we were brought up in a culture like that, it wouldn't seem so odd. They must be able to take much of the emotional part of sex out of their encounters or their are incredible sharers. Weren't we brought up to share? Is it selfish of me to not share the best sex I've had with others? I actually thought of sharing my wife many years ago because I like to make her happy. Unfortunately, she was losing her sex drive and has continued to where it is none existent. I think I would share her now, if it would get her drive back, so I could get some too.

I wouldn't take the 'Daily Mail' too seriously. It's 'The National Enquirer' with pretensions of being a proper newspaper. Renowned for being xenophobic, to the point of being a caricature (e.g. foreigners are different from us and not as good). It's unlikely to give a clear and unbiased view of life in France.