Marriage Is Friendship.... Solved My Lack Of Intimacy....

Married for 30 years. She has no interest in sex.... Period. Our relationship is great and home is peaceful and friendly.

I have opened my world to intimacy outside the marriage and found the bonus by allowing myself to relax and let sex happen with both genders. Life-long curiosities turn out to be life saving pleasurable experiences.

Sexless marriage? Yes!!
Sexless life - no way!!!
samsamsonite samsamsonite
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

No. Leave it up. I doubt censorship was intended.

The good ship "Bullshit" sets sail again.

I guess I learned my lesson in sharing. I will take it down.

Exactly! I never in a million years thought I would cheat, but I am so bereft of affection. I need to feel womanly, wanted, desired. I need to feel skin, touch. I am nearing the point where the right guy saying and doing the right things at the right time...not sure I could pass on the chance to feel like me again.