Mental Games

The other day I wrote a seemingly uninspiring story about climbing mountains. But the thought occurs to me again as it relates to the mental games one plays to get places. Most notably of now accepting what I have called “duty sex” as instead a gift from my wife.

For any of us who have engaged in athletic training that pushed our bodies to limits we did not know we could achieve, I hope this helps. Oddly, the corollary to my thinking today is for those who have been close to someone with a terminal illness.
The theme is the value and strength of mental games. So often I have had to play them to make time or finish a work out or get my *** up or off something that was melting or freezing to a point of bad news.
As my sister (a world class athlete) went through her journey with a terminal illness I saw the value of “ignorance is bliss.” – she had better days of the few she had left. She counted on me to help keep her in her mental game of the day – some days she was terribly low as she had to service reality – but others we would talk and ignore the realities, and to her life’s benefit.

So I would say that mental games to a fixed near term greater purpose are not so much “giving up” – they are more “letting go.” And in letting go in a focused way, we can be free of so many thoughts or pains or fears that otherwise will hold us back or make for a crummy day.
I apply the knowledge gained through so much effort, pain and occasional fear to my marriage now. It was hard earned and I think it is helping me reach where I strive to go.
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

"Letting go" can be hugely valuable in making your day to day life work. And remaining fully aware of your actions and how they impact on yourself and others is ALWAYS a good thing.

Please don't lose sight of your goal because of your stoicism. Stoicism can become a way of life that actually allows you to tolerate ever increasing amounts of abuse. . . . Remain aware and focused on your end goal - and if you feel things slipping backwards, change your tactics.

I like that - thanks

Mental gymnastics is more accurate.<br />
<br />
Also, What the ****??!! That was so much psychobabble!

Well, I paid good money for that psycho babble perspective.

And watched my baby sister die - horribly

I'll count you in the "You wasted your money and time" voting block, but from my moccasins - it worked.

Are you actually clear on where you are striving to go ?

Tread your own path.

well yes - linearly away from where I stand now, never to return - the trending goal is up and safely.